A breakaway from the Chameleons, Pollys once hosted a range of social events including the Polympics and still run regular dances.

Sue-Ellen explains how Pollys still continues.


Sydney has a long history of female impersonators. It was through the camp night spots in the early 60s, that a new wave of drag performers first emerged.

Sue-Ellen talks generally about Pollynesian productions.




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Date of interview: 16 November 2006


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Sue-Ellen talks about:Capriccios; Lorraine Campbell Craig; Karen Chant; Ivy Richter; Palms; Chez Ivys; Patches; Flos; Charlies Wine Bar; The Palace; Marcia Monterrey; Gary Trotter; Mardi Gras; AIDS; David (Dot Dingle) Wilkins; Boomerangs; Graham Flavell; Bobby Goldsmith; Holt Street; Sydney Star Observer; Michael Glynn; Polllympics; St Johns Park; Petersham Town Hall; Coronation Hall; Chameleons; Bill Bland; Molly Fuller; Keiron; Karingals; Judy Burnett; Maxine Dubarry; Claire De Lune; Karen Brown; Harbour Cruise;


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