In the 1950-70's, the Camp world staked out a handful of pubs in the city, Paddington and Kings Cross which tolerated or catered for Camps in otherwise straight venues.

They ranged from the regular to piss elegant...

Dennis (Flo) Fuller remembers Early Venues.


Formed around 1963, this group broke the house party model of the day and organised camp social events focused on drag and fun.

Dennis (Flo) Fuller was a founder and talks about the founding moment. It sought out permanent digs, starting at Diggers Hall in Glebe, then the Dispensary Hall, Petersham and later at the Keiron function centre. 




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Fuller, Dennis (Flo)


Date of interview: 15th Nov 2006


Access: No special conditions


Dennis talks about: Kashmir; Usher's Hotel; Rex Hotel; Chevron; Pfahlerts; Chameleons; Purple Onion; Artist's Ball; Trocadero; Jewel Box; Robert Helpmann; drag; Trolley Car; Karen's castle; Ruby's; Dawn O'Donnell;


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