Edd Ashmore grew up in rural NSW. He moved to Sydney in the 1960s and became involved in the gay social scene. In the 1970s, he became active in gay rights politics, particularly through GAYTAS – an organisation for gay teachers and student teachers.


In the mid to late 70s, job-based groups became active to prevent discrimination and sackings and to tackle ignorance about homosexuality. The most active was the Gay Teachers and the Lesbian Teachers Groups.

Edd Ashmore
 talks about these groups.



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Ashmore, Edd


Date of interview: 20th May 2009


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Edd talks about: Purple Onion; Rex Hotel; GAYTAS; teachers; CAMP; Ian McNeill; Geoff Ostling; Michael Glass; Robyn Plaister; Ken Davis; Beats; Michael Glass; John Cozijn; Jennie Lyons


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