Activists dreamed up the idea of a street party in Oxford Street to engage “apolitical” gays in the bars. Police violence on the night to break up the street party, changed the history of Sydney’s lesbian and gay community.

Stuart Round talks about Darlinghurst Road.


Activist Sister of Perpetual Indulgence, Ken Davis returned from America with a safe sex leaflet with the message that safe sex could be fun. 

Stuart Round describes the Albion St Clinic.




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Round, Stuart


Date of interview1 September 2009


Access: Special conditions


Stuart talks about: Sir Frank Packer; Kenneth Slessor; Capriccios; The Rex; Boomerang Street; The Pet Shop; 

CAMP; Nanette Rudge; Patches; Mardi Gras; Lance Gowland; Jeff Stanton; Paddington Town Hall; Festival of Light; Bryce Horley; AIDS; Albion Street Clinic;  Neville Yeomans; Community Support Network; Mervyn Horton; Outrage; 


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