The 1985 parade was nearly called off, due to pressure from conservative voices and threats from vigilantes. 

Bruce Pollack remembers.


As a group of volunteers, the Mardi Gras Committee in the early days were entrusted to put on huge parades and parties with little experience. Bill Whittaker, Murray McLachlan and Bruce Pollack brought in this expertise.

 Bruce Pollack describes how the Committee handled the media.


 The involvement of women in the Mardi Gras Committee virtually ceased after the 1982. By the late 80s women began getting involved and by 1990 Cath Phillips was President.

Bruce Pollack talks about bringing women on to Board.




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Pollack, Bruce


Date of interview1st December 1995


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Bruce talks about: Brian Hobday; Damian Furlong; Liquor Action Reform Group; Woolloomooloo; 1985 Mardi Gras Festival; Tony Crewes; Rodney Thorpe; Jim Jenkins; Peter Tully; 1987 Mardi Gras; Bill Whittaker; 1986 Sleaze;  Dennis Lennox; Murray McLachlan; HIV/AIDS; Murray McLachlan; Cath Phillips; Cate Latte; misogyny; Cynthia Randall; 1984 Mardi Gras; Bookshop  Darlinghurst; Ralph McAllister; Ian Beatty; 1987 Sleazeball; Kevin Golding; 1988 Mardi Gras; Robyn Tyler; 1990 Mardi Gras; Alison Dunne; 1991 Mardi Gras; Media;


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