Activists dreamed up the idea of a street party in Oxford Street to engage “apolitical” gays in the bars. Police violence on the night to break up the street party, changed the history of Sydney’s lesbian and gay community.

Peter Murphy explains the logic of a “street party”. 

Peter Murphy relates what happened after events at College Street.




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Murphy, Peter


Date of interview12th March 2011


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Peter talks about: Vietnam war; Vatican two; Moratorium; Macquarie University; Marist Fathers; Jeff Hayler; Penn Short; Gay Liberation; Ross May; Nazis; Communist Party of Australia; Sydney University; Craig Johnston; East Timor; Australian Union of Students; First national homosexual conference; Craig Johnston; Socialist lesbians and male homosexuals; Fourth national homosexual conference; Mardi Gras; Lance Gowland; Ken Davis; Barbara Ramjam; Chips Mackinolty; Graham Chuck; CPA Gay Caucus; Supt Shepherd; Fred Nile; Festival of light; Gay trade unionists group; Brian McGahen;


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