The formation of a gay rights group in Sydney in 1970 was inspired by what was happening in America.

Brian Woodward describes the first public meeting,


CAMP Inc established Phone-a-friend, the precursor to the Gay and Lesbian Counselling Service.

Brian Woodward was involved.




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Woodward, Brian


Date of interview11th April 2010


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Brian talks about: Vietnam War: John Ware; Chris Pol; CAMP; St John’s Hall; Peter Trebilco; Sydney Gay Liberation; Denis Altman; Lance Gowland; Anton Veenstra; Phone A Friend; Krista Stahl; Peter Bonsall-Boone; Peter  De Waal; Lifeline; CAMP Ink; Brian Ward; Wayside Chapel; 1978 Mardi Gras, Margaret McMann; Ron Austin; William and John; Michael Delaney; Stallion; Cruiser; Terry Bell;


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