There was widespread fear and disgust of homosexuals and transgender people in society. Most camps (homosexuals) hid but some faced this world as queers, lessos, poofs or “practising homosexuals”.

Colin Wiseman describes police actions at beats and how he and his union fought his homophobic sacking.


Formed among drinking friends at a camp friendly bar in the City in the late 60s, the Boomerangs paralleled other social groups in their range of activities.

Colin Wiseman talks about their first shows.


News of a new disease with no cure was treated with disbelief when community leaders and friends came back from America with warnings.

Colin Wiseman remembers these reactions and when friends and people began dying.




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061221 CW


Wiseman, Colin


Date of interview21 December 2006


Access: Special conditions


Colin talks about: Boomerangs; Mardi Gras; Dawn O’Donnell; Donnie Smith; Ken Garrahy; Kandy’s Garden of Eden; Purple Onion; Chez Ivy; Rex Hotel; Sussex Hotel; Ken Kandy Johnson; Trolley Car; Ruby Red’s; Exchange Hotel; Newtown Hotel; Carlton Rex; Botany RSL; Bob Lonard; Fitness Exchange; Paddington Town Hall; David Wilkins; John Murray; Gay Rights Lobby; Gay and Lesbian Counselling Service; Boomerang Street; Bexley Masonic Hall; Ian McLean; Coronation Hall; Botany Town Hall; Leichhardt. Town Hall; Randwick Town Hall; Keith Whitehead; Rodd Island; Fiddens Wharf; Neville Whitlock; Dot and Fanny; Colin Corney; Balmain Town Hall; AIDS; Neil Beasley; Police;  Campsie; Gay Centre; Acceptance; Bobby Goldsmith; Jim Dykes; Ankali; Metropolitan Community Church; Manor Pantry; Luncheon Club;


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