Women saw themselves doubly oppressed by men as women and as lesbians by a homophobic society.

Some women felt a need to examine and publicise women’s oppression. Sue Wills talks about work for Refractory Girl.




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Wills, Sue


Date of interview23rd October 2009


Access: Special conditions


Sue talks about: Billy Graham; Sandra Wilson; Royal Commission Into Human Relationships; University of Sydney; Henry Mayer; Women’s Liberation Movement; Dennis Altman; Gay Liberation; CAMP; Lex Watson; Germaine Greer; Norman Webb; Liz Fell; Push; Gillian Leahy; Vietnam War; CAMP; Balmain; John Ware; Chris Poll, Margaret Jones; Michael Cass; Sexism; Australasian Lesbian Movement; Aversion Therapy; Chez Ivy; Karingals; CAMP Women’s Association; Sexism; Butch Lesbian; Christabel Poll; Heterosexism; Refractory Girl; Acceptance; Coming Out; Neil McConaghy; UNSW; Prince Henry Hospital; Robin Winkler; Vivienne Binns; Homosexual Guidance Service Group; Broughton Hall; Women’s Electoral Lobby; Garry Wotherspoon; Harry Bailey; Sydney Gay Liberation; Macquarie University; Don Aitkin; Tribunal on Homosexuality and Discrimination; Gabby Antolovich; Phone a Friend; Homosexual Law Reform; Police; AIDS; Leichhardt; Crystal Street; Canterbury Castle; Women’s Health Centre; Elsie Women’s Refuge; Refractory Girl; Anne Summers; Lesley Lynch; Ann Curthoys; Sue Bellamy; Mary Murnane; Women Behind Bars; Prisoner’s Action Group; Pat O’Shane; Anne Summers; Kris Melmouth; Push; Virginia Bell; Julie McCrossin; Liz Fell; Tribunal on Homosexuality and Discrimination; Peter de Waal; Jenny Neil; Jeune Pritchard; Butch; Femme; Joan Nestle; Chequerboard;


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