Gay Liberation split from CAMP. It had other ideas about change.

Dennis Altman was the media face of Sydney Gay Liberation and Anton Veenstra remembers him speaking to students.


Prior to the birth of the Activism, Sydney’s homosexuals and transgenders called themselves “camp”. A “Gay” identity was adopted by activist male and female homosexuals and it was about “coming out” as homosexual and changing society and the law.

Cracks soon appeared. Lesbian impatience with men in gay liberation to identify with their struggle is recalled by Anton Veenstra.


The gay movement was focussed on both social and personal change – the personal is political. Its publications featured poems and illustrations by emerging gay and lesbian artists. These were affirming an identity which was only just emerging.

Anton Veenstra describes tentative steps taken by Sydney Gay Liberation to create a new art.




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Veenstra, Anton


Date of interview24th July 2010


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Anton talks about: Vietnam War; YMCA Sydney; Chez Ivy; Enzo’s; Carousel; Adonis Pancake Parlour; Rex Bottoms-up Bar; Marble Bar; Lance Gowland; Macquarie University; Marijuana; Conscription; Gay Liberation; CAMP; Lex Watson; Rod Byatt; Dennis Altman; Sydney University; 67 Glebe Point Road; 33a Glebe Point Rd; Jeremy Fisher; John Gould; Ron Austin; Richard Wilson; Pam Stein; Dennis Freeney; Zap; Mark (Lyndon) Matheson; Second Minto Conference; 1978 Mardi Gras; Phone-a-Friend; Brian Earl; Phone-a-Friend; Bernie Woodruff; International Telephone exchange; AIDS; David McDiarmid; Paul Foss; Age of Consent Exhibition; Material Boys Unzipped Exhibition; Juan Davila; Poster art; Tin Sheds Gallery; Watters Gallery; Sylvia and the Synthetics; Chez Ivy; Les Rashleigh;


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