A key demand for the fledgling gay movement was that there be a gay media. The Gay Waves radio program at Radio 2SERFM was set up in the late 70s along these lines. 

David Urquhart was an early contributor.


Gay Men's Rap was a discussion and friendship group among gay men formed at the Stanley Palmer Culture Palace in Darlinghurst in the late 70s.

David Urquhart recalls who was involved and what it was about.


Sydney gays took the initiative and rather than let experts take the lead, they organised their community, demanding treatment and resources and creating their own support networks and education programs.

David Urquhart went to the early meetings and later got involved with People Living with AIDS, (later PLHA)




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Urquhart, David


Date of interview12th June 2011


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David talks about: Chevalier College;  Purple Onion; Wayside Chapel; John Jeffrey; John Webster; Ted Noffs; CAMP; Moritorium; Drugs; Adonis Coffee Shop; Castellos; Rex Hotel; Jimmy Fishburn; Feathers; Wentworth Hotel; Tatler; Barmaid; DRAG (Darlinghurst Resident’s Action Group); Frank  Watters; Gay Men’s Rap; Gavin Harris; Annie Parkinson; Mardi Gras 1978; Police; Mardi Gras 1981; Virginia Bell; Karl Krautschnader; Karl Blonde; Gay Waves; Greg Reading; Susan Hawkeswood, David Abello; Susan Ardill; Graeme Head; Nori Newmark; Uma; Pru Borthwick; Michael Glynn; Pink Dollar; 1980 National Homosexual Conference; People Living with HIV and AIDS (PLWHA); Bobby Goldsmith Foundation (BGF); Community Support Network (CSN); ACON;


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