In a society which did not acknowledge the existence of the homosexual, public toilets and parks were places men met up.

Peter Trebilco relates how social status did not protect you from blackmail.


In the 1950-70's, the Camp world staked out a handful of pubs in the city, Paddington and Kings Cross which tolerated or catered for Camps in otherwise straight venues.

They ranged from the regular to piss elegant...

Peter Trebilco remembers the camp scene of the 50-60s.


The formation of a gay rights group in Sydney in 1970 was inspired by what was happening in America.

Peter Trebilco describes the formation of Camp Inc.





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Trebilco, Peter


Date of interview1st February 2010


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Peter talks about: Police; John Katherine Cummings; Hotel Australia; Chameleons; Artists’ Ball; Seahorse Club; Purple Onion; Enzos; Chez Ivy; CAMP; ASIO; NSW Special Branch; Sue Wills; John Ware; Peter Bonsall-Boone; Peter de Waal; Stonewall; Lex Watson; Sydney Gay Liberation; Phone-a-friend; Homosexual Guidance Service; Gays Counselling Service; AIDS;


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