Women saw themselves doubly oppressed by men as women and as lesbians by a homophobic society.

Lynn Thomas talks about separatism from a woman’s perspective.


Sydney’s gay movement did not have access to a body of literature. 

Lynn Thomas found very little available when coming out, but things changed by the late 70s.




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Thomas, Lynn


Date of interview1st November 2011


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Lyn talks about: Pentecostal Church; Well of Loneliness; CAMP; 33a Glebe Point Road; Gloria Steinem; Helen Pasley; Robyn Plaister; Minto Conference; Mike Clohesy; Ruby’s; Balmain Town Hall; SCUM Manifesto; Lesbian separatism; Women’s Health Centre; Elsie Women’s Refuge; Mardi Gras 1978; Col Eglinton; Marg McMann; Julie McCrossin; Judy Small; Robyn Archer; Women’s Electoral Lobby; Phone-a-Friend; First National Homosexual Conference; Women on Top Conference;


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