Bike or Motor Clubs started up in the early 70s. The South Pacific Motor Club was the first. The Roos in 1973 and the Dolphins in 1979 subsequently broke away. 

Chris Thomas describes the Roos.




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Thomas, Christopher


Date of interview3 January 2007


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Chris talks about: American servicemen; Chevron Hotel; Rex Hotel; Kings Cross; Beats; Roo Bike Club; South Pacific Motor Club; Barrel Inn; Ronny Watkins; Sussex Street; Leather; Beauchamp Hotel; Roo News; Steam Baths; Clone; Law Reform; Bungle Park; Denim Guy Club; Kevin Holmes; Hill End; David (Dot) Wilkins; Decriminalisation; Newtown Hotel; Drugs; AIDS; East West Fokker Friendship; Nowra; Rebel Air DC3; Michael Glynn; David Beschi


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