The formation of a gay rights group in Sydney in 1970 was inspired by what was happening in America.

And when they held their first demonstration, John Storey remembers the night.


Gay Liberation split from CAMP. It had other ideas about change.

John Storey witnessed the split. 




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Storey, John


Date of interview27th November 2010


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John talks about: Billy Graham; Robert Tucker; UNSW; Vietnam War; Macquarie University; Christabel Poll; John Ware; Jill Rowe; Michael Cass; Tony Crewes; John Lee;Rodney Thorpe; Jeff Hill; Barry Prothero; Ken Hall; CAMP; Sydney Gay Liberation; Women’s Electoral Lobby; Dennis Altman; Germaine Greer; Liberal Party; Angel Place; CAMP Ink; David McDiarmid; ABC Demonstration; Menzies Library; UNSW Gay Liberation; Capriccios; Petersham Town Hall; Papagallos; Greg Blachford; Gillian Leahy; St Clements Mosman; Sue Hollis; Sasha Soldatow; Simon Kronenburg; Bill Williams; Max Kelly;


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