Gay Pride Week in 1973 was the first national gay protest. In Sydney it ended in violent mass arrests.

Terry Rolfe helped plan the week and was arrested.


The arrival of HIV/AIDS in Australia presented the LGBTIQ community with enormous challenges, including the loss of friends and loved ones, difficulties involving life-saving medication and social prejudice. Death became an everyday occurrence. 

Terry Rolfe describes the personal impact of the deaths of circles of their friends during this time.




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Rolfe, Terry


Date of interview26th September 2010


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Terry talks about: Australia Street;  67 Glebe Point Road; David McDiarmid; John Lee;  Dennis Altman;  Barry Prothero; Minto Conference; Sydney Gay Liberation; Terry Batterham; Ken Davis; Gay Pride Week; Richard Jessop; Dr McConaghy; Gary Schliemann; University of NSW; Tharunka; Lindy Nolan; Lex Watson; Dennis Altman; Pam Stein; Mim Loftus; Richard Wilson; 33a Glebe Point Road; Gay Pride Week 1973, Martin Smith; Paul Foss; Terry Bell; Graham Tabenauer; Teapot Press; National Union of Australian University Students, Crystal Street; Helen Chevalier; Penny Short; Penny Gulliver; Alex Kaufman; Wayne Lynch; First National Homosexual Conference; South Pacific Motor Club; Zodiacs; AIDS; Jimmy Caruthers; Stephen Auburn;


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