The early 1960's was the watershed moment for drag performance in Sydney.

Chez Ivy in Bondi Junction - remembered by Ivy Richter.

Ivy’s Birdcage at Taylor Square - remembered by Ivy Richter.


The needs of young camps kicked out of home had been addressed by a supportive network. 

Ivy Richter talks about homophobia in the family.


News of a new disease with no cure was treated with disbelief when community leaders and friends came back from America with warnings.

Ivy Richter remembers these reactions and when friends and people began dying.




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Richter, Ivy


Date of interview22nd May 2006


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Ivy talks about: Claudia Wagner; Judy Burnett; Rex Hotel; Purple Onion; Ken (Kandy) Johnson; Karen Chant; Trixie Lamont; Diggers Hall; Dispensary Hall; Chameleons; Kevin (Molly) Fuller; Donnie Smith; Lesbians; Police; Polly; Stuart Wagstaff; Di Arthur; Ivy’s Birdcage; Finocchios; Enzos; Brian Neal; Rose Jackson;  Soula; Dawn O’Donnell; Norm Harvey; Vivian Walker; Corinne; Maggie Martin; Sue Le Gay; Red Leslie; Zoot; Midas Club; Curry House; Taxi Club; Darlinghurst; Casinos; Boomerangs; Pollynesians; Ruby Reds; Jools; Dusty Springfield; Maggie Tabberer; Xenon; Robert Helpmann; Capriccios; Krystal Pistol; Perce Gallea; AIDS;  Community Support  Network; Wally Dowling; Kieron; Bill Bland; Les Girls;  Aniek Baten;


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