Activists dreamed up the idea of a street party in Oxford Street to engage “apolitical” gays in the bars. Police violence on the night to break up the street party, changed the history of Sydney’s lesbian and gay community.

Robyn Plaister describes the events at College (sic “Collins”) Street.


The formation of a gay rights group in Sydney in 1970 was inspired by what was happening in America.

CAMP’s lobbying was another of its achievements. Robyn Plaister elaborates.


Women saw themselves doubly oppressed by men as women and as lesbians by a homophobic society.

Robyn Plaister describes her involvement in Women’s Liberation.




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Plaister, Robyn


Date of interview20th December 2007


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Robyn talks about: CAMP; Sydney University; Lesbians; Presbyterian Pymble Ladies College; Marg McMann; Peter de Waal; Peter Bonsall-Boone;  Sue Wills; Gabby Antolovich; Women’s Group;  Anti-Discrimination Act (1974); Tribunal on Homosexuality; Women’s Movement; Women’s Electoral Lobby; Gay Solidarity March; Mardi Gras; Digby Duncan; Abortion; Lesbian Mother’s Group; Lesbian separatism; consciousness raising; Lesbian Feminist Group; Stray Daggs; Native Rose Hotel; Lesbian teachers group; Department of Education; Sussex Hotel; Balmain Town Hall Hotel; Judy Small; Diversity and Equity;


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