Activists dreamed up the idea of a street party in Oxford Street to engage “apolitical” gays in the bars. Police violence on the night to break up the street party, changed the history of Sydney’s lesbian and gay community.

Chris Pearce describes the night in the cells.


The fashion adopted by Lesbian Feminists was a code which signified a break with patriarchy. 

Chris Pearce tells what it all meant.




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Pearce, Chris


Date of interview6th November 2007


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Chris talks about: Macquarie University; Lesbian Festival; Camp Inc; 33a Glebe Point Road; Women’s Restaurant,  Milton Street Annandale;;Consciousness Raising; Sue Bellamy; Robyn Kennedy;  Robyn Plaister; Judy Small; Sheila; Native Rose pub; Empire Hotel; Rubies; Glebe Town Hall; Lesbian Identity; bar dykes; femme; O’Wheels; 


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