The move of the parade from the anniversary date of the Stonewall Riots in NY in 1969, to summer was a divisive shift. 

The party was a novel add on for the parade in 1980.

Annie Parkinson remembers the move to Summer and the 1981 Mardi Gras.


Many lesbians left gay activism and worked in the women’s movement on specific demands or issues.

Annie Parkinson remembers the Rape Crisis Centre.



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070824 AP


Parkinson, Annie


Date of interview24 August 2007


Access: Special conditions


Annie talks about: Rape Crisis Centre; Alberta Street; Women’s Liberation House; Mardi Gras; Sandra Wilson; Women’s refuges; “Elsie”; Gay Waves; Lesbian Line; Susan Hawkeswood; Gay Solidarity; Michael Glynn; Stonewall; Pink Dollar; Betty Hounslow; David James; David Finch; Rubies; The Playground; Zorbas; Belmore Park Hotel; Gay Liberation Quire; John Schwarzkopf; Paul van Reyk; AIDS; Bjelke Peterson; Sharon Laiura; People with Disability; Women with Disabilities; Access Plus;


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