The early 1960's was the watershed moment for drag performance in Sydney.

The Jewel Box, Les Girls in Kings Cross, the Purple Onion in Kensington - remembered by Trevor Parkin.


In some workplaces the sheer numbers of camps, gays and lesbians, provided a supportive environment to be openly gay.

 Trevor Parkin discovered the telephone exchange.




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Parkin, Trevor


Date of interview9 August 2005


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Trevor talks about: Kandy’s Garden of Eden; Black Leslie; Kandy Johnson; Purple Onion; Rose Jackson; Karen Chant; Robyn Lee; Tracey; Dareel; Judy; Corinne; Red Lesley; David Beatrice Williams; “Sound of Mucus”; Chameleons; Trolley Car; Enzos; Chez Ivy; Lyn Lovett; Capriccios; Francis Faye; Police; Telephone Exchange; Dalley Street; International; AIDS; Vivian Walker; 


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