There was widespread fear and disgust of homosexuals and transgender people in society. Most camps (homosexuals) hid but some faced this world as queers, lessos, poofs or “practising homosexuals”.

Geoff Ostling’s parents never forgave him.


In the mid to late 70s, job-based groups became active to prevent discrimination and sackings and to tackle ignorance about homosexuality. 

Geoff Ostling has vivid memories of the Homosexuality Kit.




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Ostling, Geoff


Date of interview29th October 2011


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Geoff talks about: Beats; University of Sydney; Department of Education; Gay Teacher’s Group; Michael Glass;

Homosexuality Kit; Fred Nile; AIDS; Mardi Gras; Oz Bears; AnGays; Metropolitan Community Church; Gay Book Club; University of the 3rd Age; Ex Medici; National Gallery;


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