The early 1960's was the watershed moment for drag performance in Sydney.

Chez Ivys Bondi Junction continued into the 70s and Katy O’Rourke testifies to its popularity.


Gay Liberation split from CAMP. It had other ideas about change.

Katy O’Rourke relates her experiences at consciousness raising groups.

Katy O’Rourke describes Gay Pride Week.


Many lesbians left gay activism and worked in the women’s movement on specific demands or issues.

Katy O’Rourke tells us about when a group of women challenged the ban on women in Public Hotel Bars.


Many lesbian activists describe adventures with their motorcycles in the 70s. It was not until the 80s and the rise of the Mardi Gras as a visual spectacle that we see the mass formation riding of the Dykes on Bikes. 

Katy O’Rourke was around over this period and remembers how this happened.




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O'Rourke, Katy


Date of interview29th August 2009


Access: Special conditions


Katy talks about: Sydney University; 33a Glebe Pt Road; Dennis Altmann; Moratorium; Germaine Greer; Madame Lash; Women’s House; 67 Glebe Point Rd; Misogynism ; 10 Australia Street; Terry Rolfe; Terry Batterham; Pat Fiske; Minto Conference; Festival of Light; Terry Bell; Consciousness raising; Gay Pride Week 1973; Paul Foss; CAMP; Mim Loftus; Merrill Patchett (Mez Egg); Christina Gibson; Leichhardt Bus Depot; The Women’s Warehouse; Liz O’Wheel/Mortise; Freed Astairs; Geenie Malone; University of New England; Odyssey House;   Mardi Gras; Jean Rhodes; Women’s Motorcycle Workshop; Dykes on Bikes; Diane Minnis; Lesley Pantlin; Kate Rowe; David McDiarmid; Drugs; Chez Ivy; Butch/Femme; Rex Hotel; Ladies Lounge; Saloon Bar; Penny Short; Joyce Stevens; Gaby Antolovich; Second National Homosexual Conference;


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