After NSW homosexual law reform in 1984, efforts to bring about equality between heterosexual and homosexuals continued. As the first openly gay member of Parliament in NSW,

Paul O’Grady describes what it was like as a member of the ALP and member of parliament.




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O'Grady, Paul


Date of interview7th July 2012


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Paul talks about: Australian Labor Party; Pam Allen; John Whitehouse; John Faulkner; Barry Egan; Mardi Gras; Max Pearce, Ken Davis; Homosexual Law Reform; Maurie Kean; Frank Walker; Michael Egan; George Petersen; Roman Catholic Church; Ray Wheeler; John Garland; Johnno Johnson; Barry Unsworth; Bill Whittaker; Neil Blewett; John Faulker; Ken Booth; Jack Ferguson; Bob Carr; Hordern Pavilion; Gough Whitlam; Zodiacs; Tony Doyle; AIDS; Peter Baume; Neil Blewett; Prince Henry Hospital; Peter Anderson; Brian White; St Vincents Hospital; Legislative Council; Drug Law Reform; Stephen Mutch; Fred Nile; Judy Jackins; Sir Adrian Solomons; Dab Moffatt; AIDS; Police; Community Liaison Officers; Susan Harben; Joe Tripodi; Eric Rosenthal; Frank Sartor; 


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