Lesbians and gays moved into “communal households” in the early 70s. 

 Diane Minnis shared the legendary Chrystal Palace and Canterbury Castle.


Activists dreamed up the idea of a street party in Oxford Street to engage “apolitical” gays in the bars. Police violence on the night to break up the street party, changed the history of Sydney’s lesbian and gay community.

Diane Minnis gives some background to the first Mardi Gras.


Gay Liberation split from CAMP. It had other ideas about change. 

Diane Minnis describes Gay Pride Week.


Sydney’s gay movement did not have access to a body of literature. 

Dianne Minnis found very little available when coming out, but things changed by the late 70s.




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Minnis, Diane


Date of interview25th August 2007


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Diane talks about: Women’s Liberation; Minto Women’s Conference 1973; Marg Lyons; Gay Pride Week 1973; Crystal Street; Alex Kaufmann; Sydney Gay Liberation; Canterbury Castle; Crystal Street; Lesbian Separatism; Cricketer’s Arms; Balmain Town Hall; Women’s Speak; Rape Crisis Centre; Women’s Movement; Gough Whitlam; Labor Party; International Socialists; Patience and Sarah; Monster Poems; Robyn Morgan; Pat Kellifer; Meg Christian; Shameless Hussies; Clitoris; Stray Dags; Filmakers’ Co-op; Ken Davis; Gay Solidarity Group; Jo Eccleston; International Women’s Day; Stonewall Commemoration; Lance Gowland; Taylor Square;  Police; Mardi Gras; 4th National Homosexual Conference; John Marsden; NSW Gay Trade Unionists Group; Summer; 


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