The formation of a gay rights group in Sydney in 1970 was inspired by what was happening in America.

Mark Matheson describes going to their club rooms.


Gay Men's Rap was a discussion and friendship group among gay men formed at the Stanley Palmer Culture Palace in Darlinghurst in the late 70s.

Mark Matheson was involved and recalls what it was about.


 The Fitness Exchange was an initiative started by members of the gay community.

Mark Matheson was a member and recalls its various incarnations.


Along with commercial and community newspapers, detailed journals appeared. Gay Information was a series of publications which in the 70s and 80s that discussed ideas and issues within the gay movement. 

Mark Matheson looks back at these publications.




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Matheson, Mark (Lyndon)


Date of interview15th June 2010


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Mark talks about: John Ware; Christabel Poll; Camp Inc; Sydney Gay Liberation; 33a Glebe Point Road; YMCA; Rex Hotel; Chez Ivy; Capriccios; Lex Watson; Dennis Altman; John Lee; David Widdup; Peter Bonsall-Boone; Minto Conference; Gay Pride Week 1973; zap; Terry Batterham; Brian McGahen; Craig Johnston; Sydney University; Martin Smith; Ken Davis; 4th National Homosexual Conference; Mardi Gras; Pam Stein; Capriccios; Lorraine Campbell-Craig; Dawn O’Donnell; Craig Johnston; Leigh Raymond; Peter Mitchell; Lex Watson; Gay Men’s Rap; Peter Collingwood; Gay Waves; Gay Information; Gary Symes; Bill Hunt; Fitness Exchange; Signal; AIDS; Same Same;


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