Gay discos, pubs and night spots sprang up around Darlinghurst, Kings Cross and Bondi Junction. "Oxford St" became code for homosexual in the late 1970's - early 1980's.

There were the first lesbian bars as described by Sandra Mackay.


Many lesbians left gay activism and worked in the women’s movement on specific demands or issues.

Sandra Mackay talks about this time




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Mackay, Sandra


Date of interview2nd July 2007


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Sandra talks about: Women’s Liberation House; consciousness raising group; University of Sydney; Robyn Morgan; Sisterhood is Powerful; Elsie Women’s Refuge; Sydney Rape Crisis Centre; Lesbian Feminism; Bar Scene; Butch Femme; Grand Hotel, Central; Yogi Bear; Lesbian Drag; Cricketers Arms; Balmain Town Hall; Women’s bands; Women’s Warehouse;  Canterbury Castle; Crystal Street; Separatism; Amazon Acres; Ruby Reds; House parties; Stray Dags; Escargo go; Party Girls; Kerryn Hicks; Police; Sado-Masochism; Drugs; Alcohol; Coming out; International Women Year;


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