Cross+Section was an attempt by Christian gay activists in CAMP to move the churches to a progressive stand on homosexuality from within.

 Fabian LoSchiavo explains that Angays continued this work.


The Gay Liberation Quire and the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence entertained and energised gay movement events in the 1980s.

Fabian LoSchiavo tells how the San Franciscan model of the Sisters was transformed by the Sydney Order.


Activist Sister of Perpetual Indulgence, Ken Davis returned from America with a safe sex leaflet with the message that safe sex could be fun.

Fabian LoSchiavo (Mother Inferior) sets the scene and describes a Sisters outreach sex education program at a Gay Sauna. 




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Lo Schiavo, Fabian


Date of interview9th June 2012


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Fabian talks about: Father Hugh Murray; Vietnam War; Kings Cross; Capriccio’s; Castello’s; Barrel Inn; Rex Hotel; Dr Neil McConaghy; Christ Church St Laurence; Acceptance; Peter Bonsall-Boone; Peter De Waal; CAMP; Ken Davis; Gaysoc UNSW; Angays; Anglican Synod; Angays; Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence; Gary Schliemann; Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence; Radical Faeries; Jerry Falwell; Vaughan Hinton; ABC Encounter Program; Monsignor Porcamadonna; Reverend Oral Richards; Gay Liberation Choir; Dean Sheraton Hilton; Patriarch Sphictor Poloras;  Father Terence Patrick Francis Xavier O’Flynn; State Theatre; Rev Fred Nile; Gay Liberation Choir; Gay Rights Embassy; 4th National Gay and Lesbian Conference; 1983 Mardi Gras; ACON; Pope John Paul II;


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