In a society which did not acknowledge the existence of the homosexual, public toilets and parks were places men met up.

Dennis McManus was sent for “treatment”.


There was widespread fear and disgust of homosexuals and transgender people in society. Most camps (homosexuals) hid but some faced this world as queers, lessos, poofs or “practising homosexuals”.

Dennis McManus was sent for “treatment”.


Gay Liberation split from CAMP. It had other ideas about change.

Gay Lib was more in your face. Dennis McManus describes a zap.




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101122 DMM


McManus, Dennis


Date of interview22nd November 2010


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Dennis talks about: Sydney University; Fisher Library; Dr Wright-Short; aversion therapy; Dr Winifred Childs; Beats; Glebe; Wolfenden Report; CAMP; Balmain; Stephen Harris; Campus CAMP;


University of NSW; John Ware; Minto; Harry Bailey; Terry Rolfe; Dr Neil McConaghy;

Vietnam; Catholics for Peace; Leichhardt Council; John Lee; Don Baxter; St Clements;  Mosman; Gay Liberation; Peter Olive;


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