Attempts were made to build the parade by involving commercial gay venues and community groups.

Murray McLachlan from Cronulla Gay Group was approached to join the Mardi Gras Committee in 1984.


As a group of volunteers, the Mardi Gras Committee in the early days were entrusted to put on huge parades and parties with little experience. Bill Whittaker, Murray McLachlan and Bruce Pollack brought in this expertise.

Murray McLachlan describes these changes...

The Mardi Gras Committee under Bill Whittaker.

The Mardi Gras Committee under Murray McLachlan.




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McLachlan, Murray


Date of interview9th January 1996


Access: Special conditions


Murray talks about: Gay Centre; 33a Glebe Point Road; John Greenway; Terry Goulden; Cronulla Gay Group; Gay Teachers Group; Geoff Ostling; Edd Ashmore; Brian Ralph; Ian McNeil; Gay Teachers’ Group; Mardi Gras; John Wall; Boomerangs; Dot and Fanny; Honest Irishman; David Dot Wilkins; Richard Turner; Brian McGahen; Damian Furlong; Lance Gowland; Peter Tully; Gay Centre; Holt Street; Tony Cooper; Shane Mangan; Brian Hobday; Jim Jenkins; Gary Cox; Colin Corney; John Murray; Tony Cooper; Damian Furlong; Rod Thorpe; Adam Marriott, Bill Morley; Andrew Woodruff; Craig West; Kath Nolan; Tony Crewes; Ann Street; Sydney City Council; AIDS; Hordern Pavilion Party; David Pennington; Donnie Smith; Dawn O’Donnell; John Marsden; David McDiarmid; Greg Howard; Ron Smith; Bill Whittaker; Kevin Golding; Jeff Hardy; Dennis Lemon; Paul Beetson; Allan Huntington; RAMS Bowling Club; Cath Phillips;  Kimberley O’Sullivan; Fred Nile; Peter McDonald; Richard Wherritt; Mardi Gras Dance Party;


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