The arrival of HIV/AIDS in Australia presented the LGBTIQ community with enormous challenges, including the loss of friends and loved ones, difficulties involving life-saving medication and social prejudice. 

Activists and community groups responded quickly and decisively to HIV/AIDS, providing care, support and remembrance for strangers, friends and comrades.




News of a new disease with no cure was treated with disbelief when community leaders and friends came back from America with warnings.

Ivy Richter and Colin Wiseman remember these reactions and when friends and people began dying.



Speaking for Ourselves

Sydney gays took the initiative and rather than let experts take the lead, they organised their community, demanding treatment and resources and creating their own support networks and education programs.

David Urquhart went to the early meetings and later got involved with People Living with AIDS, (later PLHA)

Bruce Belcher gives us an insight into the effective AIDS Learning Exchange way of communicating public health issues.



Safer Sex

Activist Sister of Perpetual Indulgence, Ken Davis returned from America with a safe sex leaflet with the message that safe sex could be fun.

Fabian LoSchiavo (Mother Inferior) sets the scene and describes a Sisters outreach sex education program at a Gay Sauna.

Stuart Round describes the Albion St Clinic.




Death became an everyday occurrence.

Ron Smith and Terry Rolfe describe the personal impact of the deaths of circles of their friends during this time.