Prior to the birth of the Activism, Sydney’s homosexuals and transgenders called themselves “camp”. A “Gay” identity was adopted by activist male and female homosexuals and it was about “coming out” as homosexual and changing society and the law.

Cracks soon appeared. Lesbian impatience with men in gay liberation to identify with their struggle is recalled by Anton Veenstra.


From the early 70s the identities of what was once “gay” tumbled out - Lesbian feminist, male (Radical Faeries, Clones etc), S & M, Leather, Transgender, Intersex and Queer etc.




Women saw themselves doubly oppressed by men as women and as lesbians by a homophobic society.

Robyn Plaister describes her involvement in Women’s Liberation.

Lynn Thomas talks about separatism from a woman’s perspective.


Some women felt a need to examine and publicise women’s oppression.

Sue Wills talks about work for Refractory Girl.




Michael Glynn, the editor and owner of Sydney’s first gay newspaper, the Star, was at the epicentre of a new style 70s male.