Sydney LGBTI Pioneer Names Project


It is now 45 years since the formation of the first openly gay and lesbian groups in Australia.

It took a lot of courage for those first men and women to stand up and not only publically self identify as homosexual but to then declare that they were neither sick nor sinful and to demand that gay male sexual behavior no longer be regarded as criminal.

But, who were they?

Today, two generations on, many of those brave men and women are all but forgotten.

Sydney’s Pride History Group has created this List of Pioneer Names in order to maintain memory of them.

For the most part, the list is based on published sources such journals like CAMP Ink and the Sydney Star as well as the minutes of organisations like CAMP NSW, and on the memories of those who were involved.

Some names have been withheld because we believe membership of their organisations remains sensitive but throughout this List we invite members who may wish to have their names included to contact us.

Conversely, if you wish to have your name removed contact us and we will do so.

This is not a definitive list but the beginning of an on-going project for the Group.

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