Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence (1981- )


Among the early Sisters were:


Fabian LoSchiavo (Mother Inferior aka Sister Porca Madonna)

Peter Collard (Sister Mary Mary Quite Contrary)

Ken Davis (Sister Mary Third Secret of Fatima)

Gary Dowsett (Sister Mary-Tyler-Moore, Star of Stage and Screen)

David Edwards (Sister Daisy Chain)

David Fagan (Sister Miriam Beth-lay ’em)

Ian Grey

Graeme Head

Peter Mitchell (Sister Mary Sit on my Face also Mistress of Novices)

Richard Murphy

Colin Peat (Sister Cum Dancing)

Glenn Palmer

Leigh Raymond (Sister Joy of Man’s Desiring)

Gary Schliemann (Sister Mae Call of the Wilde)

Paul Strawson

Scott Treacey


Rabbi of Perpetual indulgence

Mannie de Saxe


Declared Saints of the Order

Ken Davis

Julie Bates (St Julie of the Red Thread)

Kendall Lovett

Margaret Duckett

Roberta Perkins

David Buchanan


Cardinals of the Order

(declared following the first History Walk in 1989)

Garry Wotherspoon

Bob Hay

Robert French



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