Others involved in Homosexual Law Reform

Community members

Denis Altman

Ross Aubrey

Terry Batterham

Barry Checcinni (Beresford Hotel owner and Club 80 arrestee)

Stuart Dick (Midnight Shift)

Clive Faro

David Lowe

Terry Paterson (Midnight Shift)

Jim Winslett (Midnight Shift)

Garry Wotherspoon


Parliament & Government in support of Reform


Hon Neville Wran

Hon Barrie Unsworth

Hon Jack Ferguson (deceased)

Charlie Bowers (Jack F’s office)

Hon Mike Egan

Hon Frank Walker (former AG)

Greg Woods (AG’s office – unsung hero)

Michael Knight


Liberal Party:

Hon Nick Greiner

Rosemary Foote

Terry Metherell



John Lewis (Parliamentary Counsel – unsung hero)

Chris Sidoti (Catholic Commission for Justice & Peace)

Jill Wran (unsung hero)



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