Gay & Lesbian Rights Lobby (1988 - )


Following threats to amend the Anti-Discrimination Act by the incoming Liberal Government, GLRL was established in April at a public meeting and chaired by Robert French.

At the first General Meeting on 20 July the following were elected to the Committee:

Jane Clements (Co convenor)

Garry Cox - (Co-Convenor ,1988-1989)

Simon Donohoe (Secretary)

Antony Green (Treasurer)

Adrian Culey

Suin ni Chrochuir

David Engelbrec (deceased)t

Sean Harris

Anne Harrison

Leigh McLaughlan

Karen Maxwell

Maureen Nash

Ben Rathbone

Sian Wheeler

Tony Westmore


By the 1989 Annual General Meeting the following replacements had occurred:

Sonia Wright (Treasurer, replacing Antony Green)

Jennifer Smythe (replacing Leigh McLaughlin)

Carole Ruthchild (replacing Maureen Nash)

Glenn Palmer (replacing Ben Rathbone)


Other active members were:

Paul Costello

Bruce Grant

Lex Watson (advisor)


StreetWatch / Anti-Violence Project

(established in November 1988)

Pru Bothwick

Bruce Grant

Kevin Gardner (of the G&LCS)

Nellie Hall

(Source: Gay & Lesbian Rights Lobby Annual Report 1988-1989)



Following the AGM July 1990


Carole Ruthchild (Co-Convenor)

Bruce Grant (Co-Convenor)

Paul Costello (C-Convenor, replacing Bruce Grant)

Martin Bangs (Treasurer)

Dean Andrews (Secretary)

Jane Clements (Secretary, replacing Dean Andrews)


Katherine Bean

Peter Binns (replacing Dean Andrews)

Kerrie Cheers

Adrian Curley

Jennifer Glass (replaced Lynette Kirk)

Greg Gray

Victoria Hunt

Lynetter Kirk (later resigned)

Tullly McGann

Craig Osmond (replaced Greg Gray)

Anne Scahill (replaced Sonia Wright)

Derek Williams

Sylvia Winters

Sonia Wright

(source: GLRL Annual Report 1991)


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