ACON - AIDS Council of NSW (1985 -   )


Lex Watson (President 1985 - ?1987)

Greg Tillett (President ?1987 -1988)

Don Baxter (President 1988 -1989)

Gray Sattler (1989 -1990)

Rolf Petherbridge (1990 - 1991)


? (Vice President 1985-1987)? Don Baxter or David Lowe?

Robert French (Vice-President 1987-88)

? (Vice President 1988 - )


Other committee members: 

Gray Sattler

Brett Tindall

Ross Duffin

Levinia Crooks

David Lowe

Ian Beattie

Reps of BGF and CSN


First employees - in Crown St 

John Pearce (co-ordinator)

Graeme Head (educator) – later left to work for Ita Buttrose

Norman Boyle (typist)


2nd set of employees - in Sophia St

Bill Whittaker (Executive Director (1987 - )



Terry Batterham (support)

Ross Duffin (education) - then Don Baxter


Peter McCarthy (CSN)

Simon Donohoe (newsletter)

Ken Davis (education)

Andrew Morgan (care/support)

Terry Giblett (HIV support - a bit later)

Norman Boyle (adminstrator)


Expansion - in Goulburn St 

            Don Baxter (Executive Director 19? -   )


Staff went from 8 employees to >50 employees in short time frame

Among new staff were: 

Brent Mackie

Terry Giblett

Russell Westacott

Scott Berry

Tim Conigrove

Aldo Spina

Stephen Gallagher




Safe Sex Sluts (1988 - 1990)


Under the auspices of ACON, this ‘group’ handed out safe-sex literature and condoms from the 1988 Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras. And onwards


Norman ‘Beryl’ Boyle (deceased)

Ross Duffin 

Bill Whittaker

Levina Crooks

Ian Beattie

Russell Westacott

Barry Fitzgerald 

Matthew Blackmore (not sure - but he was involved in first condom handout in the parade that got rained on)

Norman Boyle

Stephen Gallagher



Trade Union Working party on AIDS (1984 - 1986)


This began as an attempt by a group of Trade Unionists to educate the Trade Union movement, particularly officials, through seminars and policy development, about the complex issues involved in HIV / AIDS, particularly Occupational Health and Safety and Discrimination. It later was incorporated into ACON.


Frank Barnes (NSWTF)

Sharon Brown (NSWTF)

Ken Davis (ACON)

Margaret Duckett (PSA)

David Lowe (PSA)

John Pearce (ATPOA)

Bronwyn Ridgeway (NSW Nurses Assoc)

Gray Sattler (ATPOA)




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