Royal Commission on Human Relationships (1974 - 1977)

The Commissioners were:

Justice Elizabeth Evatt

Rev Felix Arnott

Anne Deveson

They were assisted by:

Jane Mathews



NSW Tribunal on Homosexuals and Discrimination (28-29 November 1976)

The Tribunal heard of 46 cases of Discrimination

(Source: CAMP Ink No.39, Dec 1976)

Tribunal Members were:

Jim Cairns

Briget Gilling

Barry Egan

Arthur Gietzelt

They were assisted by:

Helen Coonan

Jane Mathews



NSW Anti-Discrimination Board (1976 - )

Inquiry into Homosexual Discrimination 1976 -1982

Carmel Niland

Denise Thompson



Victimless Crime Seminar (197?)




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