University of Sydney


CampUS Camp Sydney University (1971)

The Administration at Sydney University at first refused to register the Group. Two office bearers initially had to resort to pseudonyms.

? (‘Alan Vasary’) (President)

Lesley Nettleship (‘Miss Lexi Daniels’) (Treasurer) (Deceased)

Miss Louie MacCulloch (Librarian)

Robert ‘Bob’ Pryde (Social)

Miss Danny Sampson (Research)

Lex Watson

Garry Wotherspoon


The Administration at Sydney University sought a legal opinion to prevent recognition but this was successfully countered by a legal opinion from Barrister,

Michael Kirby

(source – CampUS CAMP newsletter, Alexander Lex Watson Archives)


SU Gay Liberation (1972 – 1975)

Richard Wilson

Michael Hurley

Colin Smith




ADHOC (1976?-79?)

Garrett Prestage (then Gary Bennett, also later of Twenty Ten)

Leslie Podesta




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