The First Political Actions (1971-1977)


Liberal Party Headquarters (October 1971)

(CAMP Demo - Organised by Lex Watson)

Greg Millan

Garry Donaldson

Dennis Altman

Reinhardt Hassert




Womens’s Right March (11 March 1972)

(SGL support)



ABC Headquarters (1972)


David McDiarmid (arrested)

John Lee

Lex Watson



British Sexual Offences Act 5th Anniversary march (27 July 1972)

(CAMP organised)



St Clement’s Anglican Church, Mosman (1972)

Ian Black

Stephen Harris

Dennis McManus

Lex Watson



Federal Election - Seat of Lowe - CAMP candidate (Nov – Dec 1972)

(not supported by Sydney Gay Liberation)

David Widdup



Gay Pride Week (1973)

(SGL organised - 18 were arrested)

Terry Batterham

Lance Gowland

Penny Gulliver

Richard Jessop

Jeff MacCarthy

Diane Minnis

Terry Rolfe



State Election - Seat of Waverley – Sydney Gay Liberation candidate

(October – November 1973)

Martin Smith



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