CAMP NSW 1974 – 1978

(33a Glebe Point Road, Glebe)

AGM 26 April 1974


Peter Bonsall-Boone (Co President)

Margaret MacMahon (Co-President)

Michael Clohesy (Secretary)

Vera Bourne (Treasurer)

Peter Trebilco

Peter De Waal


(Source: Stallion No.12) 


CAMP Ink (1974 - 1976)

The journal was revived in August 1974. Among the Editorial Collective were:

Noreen Clark (NSW Co-Editor)

Cecily Davies

Terry Goulden

John Greenway

Pamala Griffith

Robyn Kennedy

Helen Paisley

Peter Parkes (NSW Co-Editor)

Robyn Plaister

Greg Millan (Distribution)

(Source CAMP Ink, Issue Vol. 4/1 – No.39 / Stallion No.12)


Coffee Shop




Royal Commission into Human Relationships (1974 – 1977)

CAMP NSW submission and oral evidence (25 February 1976)

Mike Clohesy

Robyn Kennedy

Dennis Altman



Tribunal on Homosexuals and Discrimination (1976)

The CAMP NSW organisers were:

Peter de Waal




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