CAMP Inc (1970 – 1971)


Preliminary Meeting (21 November 1970)

John Ware (Co-Founder)

Christabel Poll (Co-Founder)

Michael Cass

Jeanne Martin

Zula Nittim

Joe Beaumont

Berenice Buckley

Ian Black

Peter Trebilco (Law)

Bill Lockwood (Churches)

Tony Jones (Business manager)

Apologies – Lex Watson



First Public Meeting (February 1971)

Ian Black (Chair)

John Ware (Co-Founder)

Christabel Poll (Co-Founder)

Michael Cass

Garry Wotherspoon



After the meeting a loose organizational structure was established under the Founders.

CAMP sub-committees:

House Committee

John Ware

Jeremy Davies


Publications (CAMP Ink) Group

John Ware

Christabel Poll

David Widdup (‘Minnie Drearer’)


Legal sub-Committee / Law Reform committee

Peter Trebilco

Ian Black

Jaki Ilbery

Tony Jones

Margaret Jones

Dorothy Simmons (Humanist Society)

Lex Watson

Brian Woodward


Crossways Section / Religious group 

Peter de Waal

Peter Bonsall-Boone

Garry Pye


Gay Liberation group (July 1971 – 1972 January)

(see: Sydney Gay Liberation)

John Lee

Tony Crewes



In mid 1971, after criticism of the way the organisation was being managed, the following was established to draft a constitution.

Constitution Committee

Peter Trebilco




First Dance (March 1971)

The Council of Civil Liberties observers in case of a police raid were:

Ken Buckley

Berenice Buckley


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