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Danny Abbood (Sylvia and the Synthetics)

David Abello (then Finch) (GSG / GLQ)

Wendy Aitkenhead (Macq Uni GL)

Roger Aitkens (11th NHC Youth)

Johnny Allen (GMR)

Lindsay Allen (Macq Uni GL)

Elaine Altina (GTF)

Dennis Altman

An academic in the Department of Government at Sydney University, he undertook research in the United States on the early gay movement and published the ground breaking Homosexual: Oppression & Liberation in 1970.

Gaby Antolovich (CAMP, CAMP Women’s Association)

Felix Arnott (Royal Commission on Human Relationships)

Edd Ashmore (GT&SG and PHG)

Steve Auburn

Ron Austin (CAMP, Mardi Gras, GTF)

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Kim Back

John Baker (William & John)

Sandi Banks (GSG)

John Baker (William & John)

Frank Barnes (Teachers)

Kerry Bashford (Newcastle GRL)

Terry Batterham (4th NHC)

Brent Beadle (SG&LMG, Miss New Zealand

Bruce Belcher (SG&LM, GMR)

Phil Behl (CAMP house committee)

Terry Bell (SGL & 4th NHC)

Wayne Bennett (CAMP)

Laurie Bebbington (CAMP)

Dave Beschi (OWN, VV)

David Bitel (GITF)

Ian Black (CAMP)

Kim Black (SL&MH)

Maurice Blackman (2nd HNGGI, GMR)

Matthew Blackmore (11th NHC, General Conference Workshops)

Greg Blanchford (GSG)

Karl Blond (GMR)

Joy Blunt (CAMP)

Prudence Bothwick (Angays)

Peter Bonsall- Boone

Maitland Bowen (GSG / GLQ)

Charlie Bowers (CAMP, Jack Ferguson’s office)

Graaeme Bray (GITF)

Jolyon Bromley (GMR)

Shane Brown (GMR)

David Buchanan (lawyer / GSG)

Quentin Buckle (SGL)

Berenice (‘Berrie’) Buckley (NSW Council of Civil Liberties)

Ken Buckley (NSW Council of Civil Liberties)

Maurice Butterwotth (CAMP)

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Jim Cairns (MP, member of the Tribunal)

Tim Carrigan (1st editor SSO)

Michael Cass (CAMP, CAMP Ink)

Barry Charles (?1947 - )

Jospeh Checuti (CAMP & Acceptance)

Phillip Chowan (A law student involved with the Homosexual Law Reform Coalition and the Gay Business Association)

Barry Checcini (Beresford Hotel, Club 80 arrestee)

Noreen Clark (CAMP)

Doug Clayton

Michael Clohesy (Macq University, CAMP)

Peter Collard (GSG)

Richard Cobden (SG&LMG)

Tony Cooper (SSO)

Helen Coonan (legal advice to Tribunal)

Kevin Conroy (SGL)

Garry Cox (G&LRL)

John Cozijn (GSG, Campaign)

Paul Costello (G&LRL)

Tony Crewes (SGL, Mardi Gras)

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Jan Davis (Camp, Radical Lesbians)

Ken Davis

Jeremy Davies (CAMP / GRL)

Active in Gay Rights Lobby from the beginning, Gerry Davies, together with Deitmar Holtmar and David Hare, ran a gay radio program on local eastern suburbs radio in the early 1980s. He was part of the GRL delegation that travelled to Newcastle in 1982 to assist the newly formed Newcastle Gay Rights Lobby. Active and fun loving, Gerry died of complications of HIV infection in 199?.

Anne Deveson (2GB, Royal Commission on Human Relationships)

Garry Donaldson (CAMP demo)

John Donohoe (CAMP)

Mark Douglass (SGL)

Gary Dowsett (GLQ, SPI))

Ross Duffin (ACT GS, ACON / 11th NHC AIDS)

Don Dugeon (Cross Section, Uniting Church)

Digby Duncan (Filmmaker ‘78er, 4th NHC)(4th NHC)

Jamie Dunbar (SSO Photographer)

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Jo Eccleston (GSG)

David Edwards (SPI)

Barry Egan (Member of the Tribunnal)

David Engelbrecht (deceased) (AngGays)

Col Eglington (Chutzpah)

Emma Evans (GTF)

Elizabeth Evatt (Commissioner, Royal Commission on Human Relationships)

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David Fagan (GSG, Sisters of PI, GLQ)

Colin Fawcett (SG&LMG)

Michael Fenaughty (4th NHC)

Jeremy Fisher (Macquarie University Gay Liberation, expelled from Menzies College)

Neal Fitzgerald (GLQ)

Carmel Flaskas (GLQ)

J Foster (Acceptance)

Jan Forrester (GTF)

Paul Foss (Canberra Gay Liberation, Sydney Gay Liberation)

John Foxhall (GSG)

Doris Fish (Phillip ?) (Planet Sluts, Mardi Gras)

Robert French (27/04/1947 - … )

Dennis Freney (SGL)

Damian Furlong (SG&LMG)

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Larry Galbraith (editor SSO, editor Campaign)

‘Pat Gently’ (David ?) (Planet Sluts)

Arthur Gietzelt (member of the Tribunal)

Briget Gilling (member of the Tribunal)

Howard Glenn (GSG)

Martyn Goddard (SSO 2nd Editor)

Bill Good (2nd NHC)

John Gould (4th NHC)

Kevin Golding (SG&LMG)

Terry Goulden (CAMP)

Lance Gowland (CAMP, SGL, ‘78ers)

Ian Gray (GMR)

Bruce Grant (G&LRL)

Antony Green (GRL / 11th NHC Youth)

John Greenway

Ian Grey (SPI)

Pamala Griffiths (CAMP)

Penny Gulliver (RL)

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Susan Harben (SG&LMG)

Franc Hancock (CAMP, SGL)

Ron Handley (‘Fanny’)

David Hare (GRL Chairperson 1982)

Alex Harding (SSO)

C. Moore Hardy (Photographer)

Jeff Hardy (SG&LMG)

Neil Harris (GLQ)

Paul Harris (GSG)

Stephen Harris (UNSW GL)

Kate Harrison (GUTS)

Warren Harrison (Campaign, 2nd NHC, The Bookshop) )

Reinhardt Hassert (CAMP demo)

Bob Hay (SSO)

Jeff Hayler (Macquarie University GL)

Ron Heather (GLQ)

Debby Heywood (CAMP)

Brian Hobday (SMG, P-GLG)

Deitmar Holtmar (GRL / GW)

Joanne Homeman (SGL)

Betty Hounslow (SL&MH / SPI)

Michael Hurley

Activist and writer Michael Hurley was born … He lived in Sydney 1968, 1971-1975; Melbourne 1976-1984; Sydney 1985-200 and Melbourne 2001-. Michael was active in Sydney University Gay Liberation and spoke at a 1973 Gay Pride Week meeting at UNSW.

With Craig Johnston, he jointly authored a paper at the First National Homosexual conference in Melbourne in August 1973 He has written widely on Sexual Politics and authored A Guide to Gay and Lesbian Writing in Australia in 1976.

(Source: Michael Hurley)

Bill Hunt (SCC)

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Virginnia Illif (4th NHC)

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Jim Jenkins (SSO, SG&LMG)

John Jenner (SSO)

Craig Johnston (SGL, UNSW GL, SL&MH, GRL)

Robert Johnston (UNSWGL, GRL)

Trevor Johnston (4th NHC)

Chris Jones (2nd NHC)

Tony Jones (CAMP Business Manager)

Richard Jessop (SGL)

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Robyn Kennedy (CAMP, GTF)

Michael Donald Kirby

Phillip King (SMG)

Meredith Knight (Cross Section Uniting Church)

Clinton Kramer (Campaign)

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Peter Langford (Campaign)

Cayte Latta (SG&LMG)

Robyn Laverack (SG&LMG)

Robert Lawrie (4th NHC, GI)

John Lee (SGL)

A member of the gay liberation cell within CAMP NSW, he was a foundation member of a separate Sydney Gay Liberation in 1972. He later became activist in Adelaide and then back again in Sydney. He was active in documenting the history of gay Adelaide and developed a history walk in the city. When he returned to Sydney and was active member of the Sydney History Project. He died in the Blue Mountains in 198?.

Leggs Galore (SG&LMG)

Bill Leslie (Federal Assistant Secretary Aust Teachers’ Fed, first openly gay person in elected TU position)

John Lewis (Parliamentary Counsel – unsung hero)

Richard Liddy (SG&LMG)

Min Loftus (SGL)

Fabian LoSchiavo (SPI / GLQ / AngGays)

Ken Lovett (SGL Chair 6th NHC)

Anthea Lowe (GLQ)

Barry Lowe (Campaign)

David Lowe (MACU GL, GTUG, HLRC)

Alison Lyssa (SGL)

Marg Lyons (Leichhardt Council)

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Jeane Martin (CAMP)

Peter Macdonnel (SG&LMG)

John Marsden (solicitor, HLRC, SG&LMG)

Jane Matthews (later Justice, legasl support to RCHR & Tribunal)

Elizabeth Maynard (CAMP)

Terry McClafferty (UNSW Campus Camp., later active in Canberra then Darwin)

David McDiarmid (SGL, 1st arrestee at a gay demo, artist with SG&LMG)

Brian McGahen (4th NHC / SG&LM / SCC)

Murray McLachlan (SG&LM / PGLG)

Elizabeth McMann

Margaret McMann

Dennis McManus

Ian McNeill (GMR)

Judy Marchant (SGL)

John Marsden (CCL / HLRC)

Elizabeth Maynard

Greg Millan (CAMP demo)

Diane Minnis (RL, GSG, PHG)

Gillian Minervini

Michael Mitchell (GMR)

Peter Mitchell (GMR,SPI)

‘Miss 3D’ (Glenn Lewis) (Planet Sluts)

Ron Muncaster

Peter Murphy (Macq Uni GL)

Richard Murphy (SPI)

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Rod Needham (Campaign)

Carmel Niland (ADB)

Zula Nittim

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Dawn O’Donnell

Paul O’Grady (Parliamentarian / GLQ)

Kimbley O’Sullivan (SG&LMG)

Philip Oldfield (GLQ)

Robert Oliver (4th NHC, Youth)

Katy O’Rourke (SGL)

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Nicholas Padademetriou (S/SSO)

Annie Parkinson (SPI SL&MH, GW)

Peter Parkes (CAMP)

Collette Parr (4th NHC)

Helen Pasley (CAMP)

‘Cindy Pastel’ (Ritchie Finger) (Planet Sluts)

Terry Patterson (Midnight Shift)

Rob Patmore (SG&LMG)

Kathy Pavlich (SG&LMG

Frank Paysen (CAMP treasurer)

Max Pearce (GSG, Municipal Counsellor, Electoral candidate)

Colin Peat (SPI)

Robert Perry (CAMP)

Cath Phillips

Robyn Plaister (CAMP, GTF)

Phillipa Playford (SG&LMG)

Leslie Podesta (ADHOC)

Christabell Poll (CAMP, CAMP Ink)

Bruce Pollack (SG&LMG, GRL Returning Officer)

Phillip Potter (photographer CAMP Ink)

Barry Power (SG&LM / PHG)

Garrett Prestage (then Gary Bennett, ADHOC, also Twenty Ten)

Michael Primrose (GRL)

David Purchase (deceased) (AngGays)

Chris Puplick (Senator, GITF)

Garry Pye (Acceptance)

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Leigh Raymond (GI / SG&LM / SPI)

Greg Reading (GW / SGLM

Paul van Reyk (GSG, GLQ)

Jean Rhodes (CAMP Ink, 4th NHC)

David Ritchie (Acceptance)

Terry Rolfe (SGL)

Bill Rookwood (CAMP)

Angelo Rosas (SGL, SL&MH)

Carole Ruthchild (G&LRL)

Phillip Ryan (C Camp UNSW)

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Mannie de Saxe (SG&LM)

Danny Sampson (CAMP)

Craig Sahlin (Macq Uni GL)

Dave Sargent (Gay Info)

Jeffrey Saynor (deceased – GSG)

Michael Schembri (GW)

Dennis Scott (GTCo)

Geoff Scott (AngGays)

Hugh Scott (AngGays)

Garry Schliemann (SGL / GSG / PHG)

John Schwartzkoff (HLRG)

Penny Short ((Macq University GL, SGL)

Gary Simes (GRL)

Dorothy Simons (Humanist Society)

Eric Sinfield (Cronulla GG)

Sascha Soldatow (SGL)

Kym Skinner (GTF)

Donni Smith (Chameleons, SG&LMG)

Martin Smith (CAMP, Campaign, Chutzpa)

Paul Smith (SSO

Ron Smith (SG&LMG)

Deborah Spenser (CAMP)

Peter Spencer (2nd NHC)

Kim Spurway (SG&LM)

Christer Stahl (CAMP)

Gary Stonehouse (GSG)

Jim Storey (SGL)

Jeff Stanton (SG&LM)

M Sullivan (Acceptance)

Paul Strawson (SPI)

Jacques Stretemans

Rod Stringer (Publisher of Campaign 1976-1980)

Donnie Smith (17/1/1939 – 17/1/1990)

Donnie was one of the great figures of the Sydney Scene for almost 30 years presiding with boundless energy over social events and fundraisers.

He began his work in the camp community in 1961 when he joined the Knights of the Chameleons, one of Sydney’s first social groups. He enthusiastically assisted in organizing weekly dances at halls in Leichhardt and Glebe. He later was instrumental in reviving the group as The New Chameleons in in 1969.

In the 1970’s , as the gay scene expanded, he began organizing larger scale events raising money for worthy causes. In the 1980’s he was elected to the Mardi Gras Committee, and with the advent of HIV / AIDs he became a carer with CSN. He also organized functions with PLWA. 

He died on his 51st birthday leaving behind a worthy legacy and host of loyal friends.

(Source: Outrage March 1990 – Donni Smith by David ‘Dot’ Wilkins)

Bill Swindle (CAMP)

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John Tasker (GTCo)

Robin Tapp (CAMP)

Frank Taylor (SGL)

Roz Taylor (NSW Editor CAMP Ink 1972)

Scott Teachey (SPI)

Peter Terebilco (CAMP, HUGs)

Lynn Thomas (CAMP)

Denise Thompson (ADB)

Sue Thompson (PGLLO)

Rodney Thorpe (SGL)

Gary Trotter (Pollys)

Grag Tillett (ADB, P-GLG, ACON)

Graeme Tubbenhauer (SGL)

Robert Tucker (SGL)

Richard Turner (SSO)

Peter Tully (SG&LMG)

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David Urqhart (GLQ)

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Anton Venstra (Gay Liberation)

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Peter de Waal (CAMP, HUGS, PHG)

Jim Wafer (SGL)

Jim Walkse (GTF)

Dr Jim Walkerie

John Wall (Cron GG)

Gay Walsh (SG&LMG)

John Ware

Co-Founder with Christabell Poll (qv) of Campaign Against Moral Persecution (CAMP) in Sydney in 1970, the first gay man in Australia to openly declare his sexuality. John stepped down from an administrative role in CAMP in 1972 to concentrate on editing the journal CAMP Ink. He later retired from the movement to concentrate on his flooring company. He died in Sydney in 2012.

Steve Warren (‘78ers)

Alexander ‘Lex’ Watson

Lex Watson was one of the most important and influential people in the gay movement in Australia. After arriving in Sydney to further his studies and subsequently take up an academic career in the Department of Government at Sydney University, Lex quickly became involved with the issue of homosexual law reform, first as a member of the Humanist Society’s Homosexual Law Reform sub-group, then as a member of the ACT Homosexual Law Reform Society and then as an active member of Campaign Against Moral Persecution within which he became Co-President with Sue Wills in 1972.

Frank Watters (GMR)

Frank Wells (1943 – 2013)

Frank, partner of Ron McCullagh, worked as a journalist on Campaign from 1976 to 1980 and co-Editor from 1979 to 1980.

Glen Wells (VV editor)

Tony Wheeler (2nd NHC)

Brian White (2GB News Director)

Helen Whitechurch (GSG, 4th NHC)

Tony Wheeler (2nd NHC)

David Widdup (CAMP, CAMP Ink as ‘Minnie Drear’ and electoral Candidate)

David Wilkins (‘Dot’, SG&LMG)

Sue Wills (Women’s Libertion, CAMP, CAMP Women’s Association)

Richard Wilson (SGL)

Trevor Wilson (SGL)

Tim Wilson (Lawyer, Mcq Uni GL)

John Witte (GTUG)

John Wishart (Campaign)

Helen Whitechurch (GSG / 11th NHC Women)

Greg Woods (AG’s office – unsung hero)

Albert Woodhouse (CAMP)

Brian Woodward (CAMP)

Garry Wotherspoon (academic in the School of Economic History at Sydney University, CAMP, GUTS, 11NHC)

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Paul Young (6th NHC / GLQ/ SGMG)

Called a poofter at Melbourne airport after the 5th NNHC by a TAA employee, the sponsor airline for the conference!

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