A chronology of lesbian and gay communities, movements, and venues in Sydney









1960 - 1966























































Australian society in the late 1960s was hostile to homosexuals or, at least, its institutions were. The Law treated gay men as criminals who could be locked away for 14 years for the “abominable crime of buggery”, and the police were active in trying to prosecute them.

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Coming Out Into a Hostile World

Francesca (Chesca) Curtis's television appearance on The Bailey File, a Melbourne-based current affairs programme on commercial television TV's Channel 9, in May or June 1970, speaking about the aims of the Australian Lesbian Movement was arguably Australia's first "coming out" in the media.

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Australia's First National Coming Out

Homosexual/transgender social groups began forming in the early 1960s in Sydney. They offered membership of a discreet “camp” organisation. Their dances provided the perfect stage for Sydney’s new amateur drag scene to flourish and a place for men and women to meet up and find Miss or Mr Right – at least for the night. In the Leichhardt area, there was no shortage of public halls for these groups.

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Leichhardt/Dykehardt Exhibition

Male homosexual acts are no longer criminal in NSW – the law was amended in 1984, and ‘gay’ men can live quite open lives, with a range of venues where they can socialize in ways similar to their heterosexual counterparts. Also, the two worlds now softly collide, with gays and straights mixing together quite easily in many places in Sydney’s inner suburbs.

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And The Beats Go On...

The following people participated in the first Mardi Gras and/or the related events . While every attempt has been made to ensure accuracy, the list could include errors and omissions. Some names are also likely to be the arrestees' aliases.

78ers Honour Roll

 1993 Events


Place if not in Sydney


January 1993


A lesbian couple, Miranda and Belinda and their child are denied family health insurance coverage by Medibank Private.

January 1993


The Lesbian and Gay Solidarity Group (LGSG) refuses to endorse Sydney’s bid to host the 1998 Gay Games, because it sees more pressing needs in the community.

January 1993


The formation of the new Sydney Gay and Lesbian Big Band is announced.

January 1993


A national media campaign revolving around ordinary people with HIV HIV doesn’t discriminate ... people do  begins.

1 January 1993


The Pride NYE dance party raises $50,000 towards a new lesbian and gay community centre.

7 January 1993


Rudolf Nureyev dies in Paris of an AIDS related illness, aged 54.

17 January 1993


A national media campaign to educate people living with HIV and AIDS about their rights under the new Disability Discrimination Act is launched.

20 – 27 January 1993


The Anti-Violence Project’s (AVP) Lesbian and Gay Violence Awareness Week is held.

23 January 1993


Attitude-Locker Room presents Primal dance party at the Stadium.

28 January 1993


Deborah Conway launches the new Open the Door poster for AIDS Council of NSW’s (ACON) women and AIDS project.


February 1993


The Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras (SGLMG) rejects a $33,000 condom sponsorship deal which would have tied Playboy Magazine’s bunny trademark to the Mardi Gras.

February 1993


A plain clothes police constable, accused of assaulting a gay demonstrator during the 1990 Fred Nile ‘Cleanse the Cross’ rally, is cleared of assault charges.

1 February 1993


Nudity at Reef Beach is made illegal by Manly Municipal Council after a 17 year battle by local residents’ association which largely relied on a homophobic campaign.

1 February 1993


Mardi Gras 1993 is launched in Green Park, Darlinghurst.

7 February 1993


Mardi Gras Fair Day is held at Jubilee Park, Glebe.

12 February 1993


The 1993 Gay and Lesbian Film Festival is launched at the Academy Twin Cinema.

13 February 1993


2000AD and 69 Entertainment present Love Parade dance party at the Wesley Theatre in George Street.

20 February 1993


The Sydney Theatre Company’s Angels in America directed by Michael Gow opens at the Wharf Theatre.

20 February 1993


Shop Yourself Stupid is held in Oxford Street.

27 February 1993


Sydney’s 16th Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras parade captures a record crowd of 500,000 which watches 118 entries in a 2 hour, 2 ½ km parade. The Party at the Showgrounds raises $800,000.

March 1993


Tiresias House obtains funding for a full time HIV community outreach worker for transgender people.

March 1993


The Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby’s Anti-Violence Project  (AVP) receives 156 reports of anti-gay assaults for the four month period November 1992 – February 1993.

March 1993


The Amigos, the third gay and lesbian ten pin bowling league in Sydney meets at the Rockdale Bowling Centre.

March 1993


Queer Screen is formed to promote film culture.

March 1993


Abuse and harassment of staff and residents of the 2010 refuge in Glebe force its re-location.

1 March 1993


The Federal Disability Discrimination Bill makes discrimination unlawful on the basis of AIDS/HIV in employment and accommodation.

24 March 1993


Gay and lesbian couples are specifically excluded from child adoption legislation which passes the ACT Legislative Assembly.

25 March 1993


GLRL transgender activist, Norrie-May Welby is expelled at a management committee meeting for twice publically criticising the Lobby.

29 March 1993

New York

International Lesbian and Gay Association (ILGA) is given consultative status at the United Nations.

April 1993


An American anti-gay video The Gay Agenda is sent to every politician in NSW.

April 1993


Amusement centre company, Avel Pty Ltd, announces a proposal to develop 173-175 Oxford Street, Darlinghurst as an amusement centre. The proposal is opposed by locals and lesbian and gay community groups.

April 1993


The Department of School Education’s Resources For Teaching Against Violence is reported as having a low take up rate among NSW schools.

4 April 1993


The newly formed Australian Council for Lesbian and Gay Rights meets to elect 2 NSW Representatives to the national body.

7 April 1993


The NSW Health Minister, Ron Phillips announces support for implementing the recommendations of the AVP Off Our Backs report into anti-lesbian violence. He also announces $100,000 government funding for the AVP.

7 April 1993


Wellcome Pharmaceuticals hosts a press conference at which a panel of leading AIDS experts unanimously urge people living with HIV/AIDS not to abandon AZT treatments. This follows published findings that cast doubts on the value of AZT in treating HIV.

10 April 1993


Sweatbox presents Boypussy dance party at the Alexandria Basketball Stadium.

20 April 1993


The Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby (GLRL) votes 88 to 39 “to resist any change in the foreseeable future” to broaden its constitution to embrace transgender and bi-sexual issues.

20 April 1993


Transgender activist Norrie-May Welby appeals against her expulsion at a Special General Meeting of GLRL.

24 April 1993


Pride and the Leather Pride Week Association present the Inquisition dance party at the Dome RAS Showgrounds.

May 1993


A brief history of homosexual law reform in Australian is published by the Australian Lesbian and Gay Archives (ALGA) as part of an educational kit for secondary school students.

May 1993


Gayblade – the world’s first gay and lesbian computer game is advertised for sale in the US.

May 1993


The South Sydney Council approves prohibiting amusement centres on Oxford Street. (see April 1993)



A new $3.5m HIV/AIDS specialist centre at Prince of Wales Hospital is announced by NSW Minister for Health Ron Phillips, amalgamating the Albion Street (AIDS) Centre and the AIDS beds at Prince Henry Hospital.

2 May 1993


The Boys Own Bake Off is held at the Oxford Hotel.

19 May 1993


A special HIV/AIDS edition of DEAFWIZE, the world’s first comic for deaf people is launched by Sophie Lee at ACON.

20 May 1993


Absolutely Girls a play written by Melinda Smith opens at the Pilgrim Theatre.

21 May 1993


Clover Moore’s anti-vilification legislation is defeated after a second reading in the NSW Upper House.

23 May 1993


Up to 12,000 take part in the 10th International Candlelight AIDS Memorial from Green Park to Sandringham Gardens in Hyde Park North.

June 1993


A Sydney lesbian couple are the first allowed to adopt a child. One partner is deemed a “single person” and the legal parent.

June 1993


The co-convenor of the Gay and Lesbian Teachers and Student Association (GaLTaS), teacher Jacqui Griffin, lodges a complaint with the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission (HREOC) after the Sydney Catholic Education Office refuses her a teaching post.

June 1993


Same sex de facto partners will now be counted by the Australian Bureau of Statistics in the next census. The architect of the change was solicitor Andrea Wilson.

June 1993


A season of Relative Merits a play by Barry Lowe is held at the Stables Theatre, Kings Cross.

June 1993


The GLCS is now allocating lesbian councillors to the second and fourth Monday each month. 22% of calls received by GLCS are from lesbians.

12 June 1993


ACON and PRIDE fundraising dance Hand in Hand is held at the Hordern Pavilion.

12 June 1993


Beat Boys present Performance dance party at Birmingham Street, Alexandria.

13 June 1993


A poster designed by Kaye Shumack aimed at reducing the high level of violence against lesbians is launched by the AVP.

25-26 June 1993


The Australian Centre for Gay and Lesbian Research holds its inaugural conference, entitled Activism in the 1990s.

26 June 1993


A night time commemorative pilgrimage to Kings Cross following the route of the first mardi gras and themed We Are Family”, is organised by the 1993 Stonewall Committee.

26 June 1993


Barbara Farrelly becomes the first lesbian editor of the Sydney Star Observer.

26 June 1993


22 members of the Sydney congregation of the Metropolitan Community Church (MCC) stage a protest outside a Call to Australia meeting at St Albans Anglican Church, Rooty Hill.

July 1993


Bridges Sharpe Consultancy is hired to raise $200,000 worth of corporate sponsorship for the 1994 SGLMG.

July 1993


The annual conference of the Federation of Parents and Citizens Association votes to support the inclusion of material on homosexuality in the NSW school syllabus.

July 1993


Tony Kean is appointed national president of AFAO following the resignation of Bill Bowtell.

July 1993


A $200,000 Talk Early Treatments Campaign, sponsored by the drug company Wellcome (Australia), is launched by the NSW Health Minister.

July 1993


The NSW Parents and Citizens Association AGM urges the Department of Education to require schools to implement anti-homophobia programs.

July 1993


A rainbow flag is presented to South Sydney Council by SGLMG and the Federation of Gay Games to hang in its chambers.

2 July 1993


The Governor General, Bill Hayden launches the Australian Centre for Gay and Lesbian Research at University of Sydney.

2 July 1993


The Sydney bid for the 1998 Gay Games (Victory Down Under) is launch at JBF.

16 July 1993


A Transgender Anti-Violence project is launched at an ACON sponsored benefit at the Rex Hotel.

17 July 1993


GaLTaS establishes a 24 hour peer and counselling support  phone line for gay and lesbian students who are victims of harassment or violence.

29 July 1993


Results of a major international study in the New England Journal of Medicine shows the use of anti-HIV drug AZT in the early stages of HIV infection can reduce progression of the disease by up to 50%.

31 July – 1 August 1993


The inaugural QueerLit Conference is held in the grounds of Balmain Hospital.

August 1993


A Sydney University Graduate School of Management Study is released and estimates the economic impact to the economy of the SGLMG Parade and Festival to be $38 million.

August 1993


A housing scheme to subsidise people with AIDS who choose to stay in private rental accommodation, is announced by the NSW Minister of Housing.

August 1993


The Maitraya Foundation, originally established to set up a permanent HIV/AIDS day centre, winds up.

August 1993


The Department of Community Services invites GLRL to contribute to discussions in October “aimed at celebrating and strengthening families”.

August 1993


SGLMG records a loss of $97,000 in the 1992 – 1993 financial year.

August 1993


Louis Santos becomes the first gay man from South America to be granted refugee status on the grounds of his homosexuality.

16 August 1993


The Gay and Lesbian Memorial Project (GLMP) unveils its design for “our monument”. The project aims to raise $40,000 to build the monument.

22 August 1993


The SGLMG secures a $50,000 grant from the South Sydney Council for the 1994 Mardi Gras Parade.

23 August 1993


Robert Walmsley, one of the longest-serving members of the ACON Committee, dies aged 52.

28 August 1993


Bacchanalia dance party Step Back In time ... Again  is held at “a secured venue 5 mins from Oxford Street”.

September 1993


The SGLMG Board decides not to reappoint 7 members of the SGLMG Festival Committee and others resign in protest.

1 September 1993


The Australian Press Council dismisses Mannie De Saxe and Ian MacNeill’s complaint against the Sydney Morning Herald’s use of the term HIV and AIDS ‘victims’.

4 September 1993


All fourteen nominees on Susan Harben’s ticket are elected to the Board of SGLMG. It is the first Board with gender parity.

7 September 1993


South Sydney Council establishes a Gay and Lesbian Liaison Committee.

11 September 1993


Fire and Water Productions 1993 Ms Lesbian contest is won by Nicola Dorne at the Exchange Hotel.

13 September 1993


Pride appoints a consultancy and research company to examine the requirements of the lesbian and gay communities.

14 September 1993


2,000 demonstrate at NSW Parliament House against the dropping of a homosexual vilification Bill.

21 September 1993


Waverley Council is the first council to approve a plan to set up a block of residential home units, specifically to house people with HIV/AIDS.

23 September 1993


David McLachlan is elected as a new co-convenor of GLRL.

24 September – 3 October 1993


The inaugural SGLMG funded 1993 Sydney International Queer Film Festival is held at the AFI Cinema in Paddington.

28 September 1993


Pride Co-Presidents, Gillian Minervini and Gary Cox step down from the Board, and suggest that buying a building may no longer be a feasible option.

30 September 1993


The Beauchamp Hotel – “ a new gay pub” opens on Oxford Street.

October 1993


Sasha Soldatow’s Mayakovsky in Bondi is published by Black Wattle Press.

October 1993


Researchers at the Pasteur Institute discover a molecule on human immune cells which acts as a door for HIV to enter and destroy them.

October 1993


The country’s Supreme Court upholds a ban on gay and lesbian marriages.

October 1993


St Vincent’s Hospital Immunology department receives $6,000 from the proceeds of a sale of the uniforms collection from the late Allan Jenning’s estate.

October 1993


The NSW Council of Civil Liberties endorses anti-vilification legislation before the NSW parliament.

October 1993


The annual conference of the Independent Teachers’ Association votes in favour of extending homosexual and HIV related anti-vilification legislation to Catholic and private schools.

2 October 1993


Sleaze: a lesbian and gay costume ball is held at Royal Agricultural Society Showground.

3 October 1993


Victor Li and Kinselas present Born to be Alive, a dance benefit for the AVP at Kinselas.

4 October 1993


A documentary Positive Art, produced and directed by Greg Shears is screened on ABC TV.

8 October 1993


International Lesbian Day is organised by the Lesbian Space Project.

10 October 1993


Thousands of gays and lesbians rally at Taylor Square to protest the delays to anti-homosexual vilification legislation.

22 October 1993


“The Great Queer Debate”, organised by the Newcastle Gay and Lesbian Information Service, is held at the Karumah Day Centre, Newcastle.

25 October 1993


Peter MacDonnell, director of the 1988 and 1989 Mardi Gras parties dies aged 49.

27 October 1993


Gay man, Paul Mortimer, bashed by two police officers in 1985, finally wins an substantial damages claim from the two men in the Civil District Court.

29 October 1993


The annual Reclaim the Night march is held from Hyde Park along George Street, ending with a concert in First Fleet Park, Circular Quay.

30 October 1993


45 Peacemaker Productions presents Loud and Proud dance party at the Alexandria Basketball Stadium.

November 1993


Playwright David Jobling wins a landmark sexual discrimination case in Adelaide, after he was sacked from a teaching post for being gay and HIV positive.

November 1993


Both the Prime Minister, Paul Keating and the Federal Opposition Leader, Dr John Hewson endorse Sydney’s bid to host the 1998 Gay Games.

November 1993


GLRL goes ahead with a plan to produce an anti-homophobic kit aimed at combating discrimination against lesbians and gay men in the workplace.

November 1993


Ashfield residents picket the Ashfield Park toilet block in an ongoing campaign to stop men using it as a place for sexual activity.

6 November 1993


DCM presents When the Cat’s Away at the Alexandria Basketball Stadium. Funds are raised for Ward 17 South and the Gay and Lesbian Counselling Service (GLCS).

7 November 1993


The 17th annual Polympics is held at Erskineville Oval.

16 November 1993


Graeme Harris, trade union and HIV/AIDS activist dies aged 46.

18 November 1993


Clover Moore’s Private Member’s Homosexual Vilification Amendment (to the 1977 Anti-Discrimination Act) Bill is passed by NSW Parliament, making NSW the first Australian state to do so.

24 November 1993


Christopher Paul McKinnon is acquitted by a jury in the Supreme Court for the bashing murder of Maurice McCarty. He had claimed his actions were justified because they were in self-defence.

27 November 1993


DMC Promotions presents Summer Party dance party at the Stadium – a fundraiser for the AIDS Trust of Australia.

December 1993


Camping by a Billabong  by Robert French is published by Black Wattle Press.

December 1993


A report into discrimination in the insurance industry highlights AIDS exclusion clauses in superannuation funds and life insurance policies. Federal Minister of Health, Graham Richardson threatens legislation if the industry continues discriminating.

9 December 1993


A Democrat’s amendment to the Federal Government’s Industrial Relations legislation is passed. The amendment adds “sexual preference, age, physical or mental disability” to the list of prohibited grounds of discrimination.

10 December 1993


The Lesbian Space Project succeeds in reaching its $250,000 target at a deadline fund raising concert at Sydney Town Hall.

31 December 1993


Pride holds its biggest New Year’s Eve Party with 8,100 attending and $170,000 generated.

31 December 1993


Sweatbox presents Let the Music Take U Higher! Dance party at the Alexandria Basketball Stadium. Proceeds go to the AVP.

31 December 1993


Blackmarket Nightclub and Allan Anders present Venus NYE dance party at the Alexandria Sports Centre.

Updated: John Witte 3 September 1993 using almost complete sets of the Sydney Star Observer and Capital Q.


1993 Community and activist groups and organisations



Date listed


Dorothy 660 5367

September 1992


Acceptance Sydney

St Canice’s Catholic Church, Elizabeth Bay

Listed December 1979;

Acceptance Phone Counselling

331 1597

Listed October 1990

ACTUP (AIDS Coalition To Unleash Power)

4th Fl, 134 Broadway

Listed April 1990. New address October 1991.

Adelph Australian Outreach (Jewish group)

60 Blair Street, North Bondi

Listed May 1993

Affirmation (for Mormons)

Box 359, Wahroonga

Listed September 1990

AIDS Council of NSW

188 Goulburn Street, Sydney

February 1985

ACON Hunter Branch

6 Bolton Street, Newcastle

Listed May 1990

ACON Illawarra Office

129 Kembla Street, Wollongong

Listed January 1991

ACON Mid North Coast Branch

93 Main Street, Coffs Harbour

Listed January 1992

ACON North Coast Branch

113 Darwin Street, Lismore

Listed May 1990

ACON Rural Project

Nik 008 802 612

Listed June 1992

ACRM Hope Faith and Love Fellowship

Joshua 698 7636

Listed October 1993

AIDS/HIV Info Line (Albion Street Clinic)

332 4000

January 1989; New name February 1993

AIDS Trust of Australia

2nd Floor, 303 -315 Castlereagh Street, Sydney

January 1990; January 1992

Al-Anon Gay Support Group

703 Bourke Street, Surry Hills

Ad January 1987, new location January 1990

Albion Street AIDS Centre

332 1090

March 1985

Albury Wodonga Gay Group

Box 1155, Albury

Listed December 1992

Albury Wodonga HIV/AIDS Support

Box 155, Albury

Listed December 1992

Albury Wodonga Rural Outreach Project

Box 511, Albury

Listed February 1993

Alliance of Lesbian, Gay/Bi Students

Henry Collier Uni of Wollongong, PO Box 1144 Wollongong

Listed June 1992


Rockdale Bowl

Listed March 1992

Anglican Dioceses of Sydney and St Lukes

11 Stanmore Road, Enmore

Listed September1993


150 Albion Street, Surry Hills

May 1985

Armidale Gay Society

PO Box 581, Armidale

Listed 11 May 1983. Lesbian October 1991

Asian Gays and Bisexuals (West Sub support group)

Ken 206 2034

Listing October 1993

Asians and Friends

Arnel 206 2000

Listed January 1991

Australian Federation of AIDS Organisations

50 Geils Street, Deaken ACT

Listed April 1990

Australian Gay and Lesbian Law Journal

Charles Sturt University, Bathurst

Listed September 1992

Australian Gay and Lesbian Pilots’ Network

Peter Stephens, (018) 449 660

Listed September 1992

Australian Gay History Project

Room, 398, Merewether Bldg, Univ of Sydney

Listed March 1992

Australian National Gay Sports Association

PO Box 433, Coogee

Listed March 1988

Australian Sailing and Cruising Club

Clock Hotel, Surry Hills

Set up 3 July 1991 at Unicorn.



Box 840, Bega

Listed May 1993

Blackboard Bulletin Board

692 9149

Listed January 1991

Blacktown Lesbian Information Social and Support Group

Women’s Health Centre, Blacktown

Listed September 1991

Blading in the Park

Centennial Park Kiosk 331 2475

Listed November 1993

Blue Mountains PWLA Day Care Centre

2 Station Street, Katoomba

Listed November 1989

Bobby Goldsmith Foundation

St Vincent’s Medical Centre, 376 Victoria Street, Darlinghurst

Mention July 1984; Change of address September 1991;

Boomerangs Social Club

Box 429, Darlinghurst

Listed March 1979

Bootscoot Country Line and Partner Dancing

Imperial Hotel

Listed November 1993

Boys Will Be Boys Female to Male Transgender Group


Renamed November 1993

Bridge Club, The

Box 788, Rozelle

Mentioned August 1991


Campbelltown Community AIDS Prevention Program (CAPP)

Cafe 8 Iolanthe Street, Campbelltown

Listed October 1992

Capital Q

(Bluestone Media)

L15, 15 Boundary Street, Rushcutters Bay

Begins 10 April 1992

Central Coast HIV Services

043 20 3399

Listed January 1992

Changes Social Group

Dennis 569 7505

Listed February 1993

Christian Lesbian Collective

Box 98, Enmore

Listed April 1990

Clover Women’s Club

122 Victoria Road, Drummoyne

Listed August 1980; address January 1992

Club Nuovo Social Group

Box 499, Kensington

Listed January 1992.

Coastal Connections

PO Box 259, Toukley

Newly formed November 1984

Coastal Lynx

PO Box 1525, Port Macquarie

Listed May 1992

Coming Out Group

179 Albion Street, Surry Hills

Listed April 1989; New Address 1992

Community Support Network

PO Box 415, Darlinghurst

Formed at meeting June 1984

Community Support Network, Blue Mountains

Robert 047 877 7984

Listing February 1993

Community Support Network Newcastle

Andrew Hope

049 29 3464

Listed November 1990

Community Support Network North Coast

Nora Vidler-Blanksby

066 22 1555

Listed January 1992

Community Support Network Illawarra

Thelma Todd

042 26 1163

Listed November 1990

Connections Dances

Leichhardt RSL, 38 Short Street

“ ... is back” May 29 1993

Country Network

Box 236, Rozelle

Listed October 1980; New address January 1992

Cronulla Gay Group

PO Box 195, Cronulla

Listed 1979

Cross Section

519  5830

Listed April 1989

Crystal Set Womyn’s Radio

2SER-FM Wednesday

Listed May 1992


Deaf Community AIDS Project

02 283 2088

Listed 1992

Dinner for Dykes

436 2470

Listed February 1993. Not listed May 1993.

Dolphin Motor Club, The

Robert 360 1015

Midnight Shift

Listed June 1979. New Venue February 1992. New venue February 1993

Dykes of the Illawarra (DOTI)

Coniston Community Centre

Listing December 1993


The Eagles gay community bulletin board

745 3500

Listing November 1988

Enola Gay

Box 380, Broadway

Signature 1988


Female to Male transsexual support group see Boys Will Be Boys

PO Box 1349, Strawberry Hills

Listed May 1992

Fitness Exchange

Heffron Hall, Cnr Palmer and Burton Streets, East Sydney

New location January 1992

Flamingo Association

Box R47, Rhodes

Listing January 1988; Association January 1992

Four Seasons Social Group

PO Box 1654, Coffs Harbour

Listing November 1985;

Foxy’s Social Club

Michael 043 24 5252

Listing April 1993

Freelance Bowling League

Rushcutters Bowl, 110 Bayswater Road, R B

Listed April 1983

Friends of PLWAs

361 0893

Listed December 1988

Fun & Esteem Project

283 2599

Listed November 1990



008 804 817

Ad May 1984;

Gay Adoptees Group (GAG)

c/- GLCS, 197 Albion Street, Darlinghurst

Listing August 1992

Gay and Bisexual Support

953  9342

Listed November 1993

Gay and Lesbian Action on Media Association (GLAMA)

PO Box 9, Darlinghurst

Article February 1992

Gay and Lesbian Counselling Service of NSW Centre (GLCS)

197 Albion Street, Surry Hills

Name change ?1986

Gay and Lesbian Association (GALA)

Union Box 63, UNSW

Listing July 1986

Gay and Lesbian Association (GALA)

Box 96 Student Council, Macquarie University

Listed December 1989

Gay and Lesbian Association (GALA)

Union Post Box,

Newcastle University

Listed June 1990

Gay and Lesbian Concert Band

Heffron Hall

Listed July 1991

Gay and Lesbian Country Line

0055 13159

Listed December 1992. Not listed May 1993

Gay and Lesbian Immigration Task Force

2nd Floor, 74-78 Oxford Street, Darlinghurst

May 1985; renamed July 1987; new address January 1992

Gay and Lesbian Information Service (GLIS)

Box 425, Newcastle

Listed November 1991

Gay and Lesbian Line

360 2211

Ad January 1987 Gayline. Listed January 1990;

Gay and Lesbian Rights Lobby

PO Box 9, Darlinghurst

Forms 21 April 1988. Oxford St March 1991

Gay and Lesbian Teachers and Students

Box 9, Darlinghurst

Listed August 1991

Gay and Lesbian Television

3/44 Cooper Street, Waterloo

Listed April 1993

Gay and Lesbian UTS (GLUTS)

Box 123, Broadway

Listed May 1991

Gay and Lesbian Wot’s On (GLCS)

361 0655

Listed November 1985

Gay Bridge

Box A439, Sydney South

“established 1981”

Gay Business Association

Box 394, Darlinghurst

Revived Sept 1991; revived Aug 1992; revived May 1993

Gay Men’s Alcoholics Anonymous

Surry Hills Neighbourhood Centre

Listed September 1991

Gay Photography Club

Wayne 954 3988

Listed April 1993

Gay Radio Information News Service (GRINS)

PO Box 380, Broadway

Listed July 1984

Gays and Lesbians Against Racism (GLAR)

74-78 Oxford Street, Darlinghurst

Listed April 1992


Petersham Rollerrink

Listed January 1988

Gays/Lesbians Penrith and Surrounds (GLIPS)

Box 378, Kingswood

Listed July 1993

Gays Living Out West (GLOW)

Michael 638 3852

Listed January 1991

Gays of the Southern Highlands (GOSH)

Box 1253, Bowral

Listed April 1993

Gay Waves Radio


Mentioned March 1980

Gender Centre

569 2366

Listed October 1993

Global Pen Friends

Box 343, Punchbowl

Listing July 1989


Box 248, Holme Blg

Listed May 1991


Hands on free massage

Richard 660 6392

Listing February 1991

Harbour City Amateur Wrestling Club

Box 433, Coogee

Listed July 1988

Helix, North Shore Gay Group

Meets 254 Military Road, Neutral Bay.

Greg 958 7963

Listing July 1991

Hell Bent gay and lesbian arts and culture magazine

Box 305, Redfern

Launched October 14 1990

HIV Anon Relatives

263 Oxford Street, Paddington

Listed July 1992. Not listed April 1993

Hope, Faith & Love Fellowship (counselling)

Joshua 698 7636

Listed May 1993

Hunter Hugger Muggers

PO Box 372, Maitland

Listed June 1992



197 Albion Street, Surry Hills

Listed 16 May 1983; New address 1992;

Inside Out Support

25 Douglas Av Perth

Listed 13 October 1983


33 Wellington Street, Chippendale

Listed August 1992

Jews and Friends

Alan 360 4856

Listed March 1991. Not listed May 1993.



339 1111

Article set up in December 1989

Karuna Blue Mountains

Ann 047 822120

Listed June 1992

Karumah Day Centre

101 Scott Street, Newcastle

October 1989. New address 1993

Kinship (Australia) – for SDA gays

Box 190, Pennant Hills

Listed February 1992

Koala Deaf Federation for Gays and Lesbians

Box 43, Enmore

Listed July 1989

Konnections Day Centre

Patrick 043 20 2241

Listed September 1992


Latin American Club

558 6968

Listed October 1992. Not listed May 1993.

Left Connection Lesbian and Gay Group (formerly New Left Party)

Box 19, Trades Hall

Listed May 1993

Lesbian and Gay Advocacy and Support Group

Ralph at GLCS

360 3063

Listed February 1993

Lesbian and Gay Anti-violence Project

Set up by GLRL.

Mentioned September 1991

Lesbian and Gay Kickboxing

Newtown Neighbourhood Centre

September 1993

Lesbian and Gay Kung Fu

Surry Hills Neighbourhood Centre

October 1993

Lesbian and Gay Legal Rights Service

219 5897

Listed August 1992

Lesbian and Gay Solidarity Group

Newtown Neighbourhood Centre

Name change September 1991;

Lesbian Coming Out and Support Group

263 Bridge Road, Glebe

Listed December 1989; new address January 1992; new address February 1993

Lesbian Ethics Workshop

164 Flood Street, Leichhardt

Started in 1987

Lesbian Line

550 0910

Listed January 1985

Lesbian Network

Box 215, Rozelle

Listed January 1992

Lesbians Everywhere Support Organisation

PO Box 667, North Sydney

Listing November 1985

Lesbians on the Loose

Box 798, Newtown

Article December 1989

Lesbian Space Project

Bella Bar, Newtown

Listing May 1993

Lismore STD/AIDS Service

066 23 1495

Listed August 1991

Living Well Support Groups

c/- ACON

Listed April 1990

Long Yang Club

Box 263, Canberra

Listed September 1989; New address January 1992


Maitraya-Sydney Day Centre

20 William Lane, Woolloomooloo

Established November 1987. Listing January 1992

Mature Aged Gay Men’s Group

c/- ACON, 188 Goulburn Street

Mentioned July 1991

Medlow Bath Memorial Park Project

Railway Parade, Medlow Bath

Tree planting listed March 1993

Men’s Coming Out Support Group

University of Wollongong Union

Listed October 1993

Metropolitan Community Church

Heffron Hall, D’hurst

Listed December 1989. New premises November 1991.

Metropolitan Community Church of the Good Shepherd

15 Francis Street, East Sydney

Listing February 1988

Mittagong GOSH for Men

Box 1253, Bowral

Listed April 1993

Mullumbimby AIDS Resource Centre

Box 679, Mullumbimby

Listed December 1989


National Audio Visual Archives (for PLWA?)

319 1887

Listed December 1992

National Centre in HIV Epidemiology & Clinical Research

St Vincents Medical Centre, 376 Victoria Rd, Darlinghurst

Listed September 1990

National PLWA Coalition

06 257 4985

Listed February 1993

Newcastle Gay Friendship Network

c/- ACON Hunter

January 1992

Newcastle Gay Waves

2NUR-FM, PO Box 179 Hamilton

Listed June 1990

Newtown Women’s Centre

523 King Street, Newtown

Listed January 1992. New address Dec 1992

Nobby’s Bouys

Box 11, Charlestown

Listed May 1993

No Frills Newsletter for Women

PO Box 137, Lambton 2305

Listed September 1992

North Coast Positive Time for PLWAs

ACON 066 22 1555

Listed January 1991. Name change April 1993.

Northern Rivers Gay News


Listed again June 1988. Gay News June 1990.

Northshore Voltairians

Sportsman’s Bar North Sydney Hotel; PO Box 483, Chatswood

Ad May 1984; New venue January 1992

NUAA (NSW Users and AIDS Associations)

369 3455

Listed June 1990


Our Monument (formerly Gay and Lesbian Holocaust Memorial Project Incorporated)

Box 1176, Darlinghurst

Listed June 1991. Incorporates Sept 1991

New name listed December 1992

Out and Out

2SER PO Box 123 Broadway

Listed June 1992

Out West

283 2599

Listed January 1991


Box 610, Petersham

Listing November 1985

Oz Bears

888 Bourke St, Zetland

Ray 690 1730

First birthday June 1991; New address September 1993


Pagan Women’s Alliance

Box 109, Bangalow

Listing May 1993

Parents and Friends of Gays

Box 1152, Castle Hill

“Friends” January 1991


Rod 688 1507

Listed May 1991

Penrith Gay and Lesbian Group

Box 378, Kingswood

Listed April 1991

Pen Search

Box 376,

Malvern Victoria

Listed February 1993

People Living with AIDS

283 2088

Listing January 1992


264 8313

Listed February 1990

Pollynesians Social Club

GPO Box 2935 David 799 5507

Listed August 1980

Positively Pink List – Register of lesbian and gay artists

332 4582

Listed January 1991

Positive Support Network

043 67 7326

Listed May 1992. New name February 1993

Positive Women Support Group

206 2000 Albion Street Clinic

Listed February 1993

Powerhouse Social Club

2/11 Edward Street, Ryde

Listed July 1989

Preference Newsletter

PO Box 138 Lambton

Listed November 1993

Pride Initiative

PO Box 7, Darlinghurst

Listed December 1989. Name change May 1993.


Queer Collaborations

L & G Officers, SRC, University of Sydney

Listed February 1993

Queer Screen


First fundraiser 24 April 1993

Queer TV

Box 636, Newtown

Listed November 1990

The Quilt Project

PO Box 1526 Darlinghurst

Founded 23 October 1988


Rape Crisis

PO Box 188, Drummoyne

Listed July 1986

Rights for All Male Sex Workers (RAMS)

GPO Box 415, Sydney

Listed April 1990

Ringed Men

Box 712, Rozelle

Listed November 1990

Riverina Gay Support and Social Group

Box 516, Wagga

Listed August 1992


Sappho of the Hunter

PO Box 206, Adamstown

Listed November 1993

SCAMPS Social Group

Rod 635 5445

Re-listed April 1993

Silk Road

L 1, 55 Oxford Street, Darlinghurst

Listed as new group August 1992

Sisters and Brothers of Perpetual Indulgence

Box 426, Grosvenor Place

Listed August 1982. Name change May 1991

Sex Workers Outreach Project

391 Riley Street, Surry Hills

Listed November 1990


Box 281, Balmain

Listed January 1992

Slim Men Are Treats (SMART)

Box 838, Darlinghurst

Listed April 1993

Social Committee of Recovering Alcoholics and Addicts (SCRAAGL)

Box 668, Strawberry Hill

Listed February 1990; new address 1992

Sotticon Social Club (Gay Families)


Listed July 1992.

South Asian Lesbians

818 1468

Listed June 1990

South East Region HIV/AIDS Support

Victor 048 273458

Listed May 1993

South Pacific Motor Club

888 Bourke Street, Zetland. Move out 20/8/93. 2 Shepherd Street, Chippendale 12/9/93 opening;

Formed 1970. Listed June 1980; new venue listed July 1987; new venue November 1987; new venue November 1989. Move out 20/8/93

Southern Cross Outdoors Group

PO Box 411 Dee Why John 907 9144

Listed 14 April 1983

South Sydney Women’s Centre

231 Abercrombie Street, Chippendale

Listed again October 1990

Support of Positive Youth (SOPY)

Glen 318 2023

Photo April 1993;

Sydney Asian Lesbians

Box 817, Newtown

Listed January 1992

Sydney Bisexual Support Network

Kate Hickson – Newtown Neighbourhood Centre

Listed April 1993

Sydney Gay and Lesbian Big Band

Box 649, Darlinghurst

Listed May 1993

Sydney Gay and Lesbian Choir

Box 649, Darlinghurst

Events June 1991

Sydney Gay and Lesbian Community Centre

Box 7, Darlinghurst

Listing May 1993

Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras Association Ltd

PO Box 1064, Darlinghurst

Changes to Ltd after March 1990

Sydney Gay Centre

33 Wellington St, Chippendale

Mentioned October 1981. Not listed May 1993

Sydney Gay Community Publishing

2nd Floor 94 Oxford Street, Darlinghurst

Listed January 1989; New address October 1992

Sydney Naturist Gays

Box 1117 Bondi Junction

Listed April 1993

Sydney Rams Bowling League

Rushcutters Bowl

Mentioned January 1984;  moves to Rushcutters July 1987

Sydney Road Runners Motor Cycle Club

Box 405, Alexandria

February 1985. Male and female riders

Sydney Spokes

Brett 398 3082

Mention September 1986.

Sydney West Group

Pip Bowden

02 635 4595

Listing January 1992


Tamworth T-Bags


067 852147

Listed February 1993

Taree Club 2430

Bill and Barry

065 537 502

Listed September 1992

Team Sydney Inc

Barbara O’Keefe

587 2048

Listed February 1991

Tiresias House

75 Morgan Street, Petersham

Listed May 1991; October 1993 becomes Gender Centre

Transgender Liberation Coalition

ACON, 55 Oxford Street

Fundraiser Rex Hotel 16th July 1993

Triangles Basketball Club

Kevin 361 0514

May 1985

Tropical Fruits

Greg Devine

066 882 294

Listing July 1988. New address July 1989

Twenty-Ten  Youth Refuge

PO Box 213, Glebe

Forms March 1982



Box 1098, Rozelle

Listed October 1992. Not listed May 1993

Unity in Recover

Box 914, Leichhardt

Listed May 1993


Volunteer Community Street Patrol

R 8, 94 Oxford Street, Darlinghurst

Ad July 1992. 


Western NSW support and social group

Back Bar, Pastoral Hotel, Talbragar St, Dubbo

Listed November 1993

Western Way Centre

Helen 637 3902

Listed October 1988

Wheels and 4WD Club

Phil 570 5900

Listed September 1991

Whistle Project

GPO 3716, Sydney

Listed January 1991

Wicked Women

PO Box 1349, Strawberry Hill

Mention April 1988

Wilderness Walks

210 4503

Listed August 1991. Not listed April 1993.


88.9 FM

Listed as new June 1988

Wimmin in the Southern Suburbs (WITSS)

Denise 559 2062

Listed January 1989

Witch Theatre

Box 504, Glebe

Listed September 1992

Wollongong Unity

Box 1097, Wollongong

Listed May 1981; new name January 1992;

Wombat Bulletin Board

550 4336

Listed September 1990

Women in the Central Coast Area (WICCA)

043 25 7590

Listed May 1992

Women in the Southern Highlands (WISH)

Karen 048 691 252

Listed February 1993

Women’s Library

Box 271, Newtown

Listed September 1992

Women’s School of Self Defence

810 6641

Listed September 1992


Young Lesbian Support Group

6600539 (Twenty Ten)

Mention November 1988; New name October 1990

Updated: 27 September 2016 by John Witte using listings and mentions in the Sydney Star Observer and Capital Q. 


1993 Venues

Venue Name






 Nightclubs, Bars, Discos

Al Parco



Friday trivia night


Listing May 1993


111 Regent Street, Chippendale


Thursday – Saturday


Commences 8 October 1991

Club 77

77 William Street, East Sydney


Friday, Saturday nights


Listed February 1992

Cockpit 100

100 King Street, Newtown


Wednesday – Saturday


Launch July 20 1993

DCM (Don’t Cry Mama)

33 Oxford Street, Darlinghurst

Possibly Tim Berry; Ian Rasmussen manager 1992

Formerly “Formerly Patchs”; Sunday – Thursday;


Listed May 1990


106 George Street, Redfern


Tues Women’s Pool Comp


Listing September 1993;



111 Regent Street, Chippendale


Last Friday each month.


Listed June 1992

Dungeon Bar

Side door JBF




Listing April 1993

First Base

666 New South Head Road, Rose Bay


Fri – Sat 10pm – 3am


Listing November 1993;

Freezer Bar





Listing February 1993

Hellfire Club, The (Blackmarket)

111 Regent Street, Sydney




25 March 1993

Hunnah’s Eco Bar

278 Cleveland Street, Surry Hills


Tues – Suns 6pm - late


Listing November 1993

Illicit (Blackmarket)

111 Regent Street, Chippendale


Every 2nd Friday


Listed July 1992


273 Crown Street, Darlinghurst


Thursday – Saturday


April 1993 – (last listing July 1993)


1 Flinders Street,

Taylor Square


Brasserie and late night cocktail bar.


Ad January 1993

Lizard Lounge (upstairs Exchange Hotel)

34 Oxford Street, Darlinghurst




Listing January 1993


238 Crown Street, Darlinghurst


Saturdays, and Sundays later in 1993


Opens 17 December 1992

Midnight Factory

Regentville Rd/Batt St, South Penrtih

Mgt changes January 1992

Wednesday – Saturday


Listing October 1992

Midnight Shift Tavern


85 Oxford St, Darlinghurst

Licensee Bill Trott

Owner Jim Winslett; Terry Patterson part owner

Downstairs opens as a bar, upstairs restaurant, cocktail bar and disco. Tuesday  - Saturday


Re-opens as a tavern 25 February 1987. Voltage 27 Aug 1991.

Neo Pharaoh (Nikko Hotel)

King and Sussex Streets, Sydney




9 March 1993



111 Regent Street, Chippendale


Every 1st and 3rd Friday


Listed June 1992. Not listed April 1993


(Exchange Hotel rear)

Rear entry Norman Street, East Sydney


Friday to Sunday 8pm to late


Ad June 1992


800 Hunter Street, Newcastle

Craig Truslove



Opens 19 December 1992; Not listed May 1993;


175 Oxford Street, Darlinghurst


Mon – Sat 11am – 3am, Sun 11am – 12am


Listing December 1993;

Sight, The

171 Victoria Street, Potts Point


Friday – Saturday.


First ad in 1991 November;


(Clock Hotel)

Collins & Crown Streets,  Surry Hills

Manager Tim Vincent, Steven Hachberger, proprietor 1993

July 6 1993 Fire1993_SSO_216


Listing 1 May 1992. Opens 24 April 1992; Not listed May 1993;


20 Bayswater Road, Kings Cross


7pm – 4-5am


Listing December 1992

Trash at Medusa

238 Crown Street, Darlinghurst


Gay nightclub every Saturday


Listing October 1993


(Midnight Shift)

85 Oxford Street,



Hi NRG Dance Club


Opens 27 Aug 1991

Whoosh Club/Restaurant

810 Hunter Street, Newcastle




Listing June 1992

Zippers Dance Club

(Taxi Club)

40 Flinders Street, Darlinghurst


Licensed bar and bistro; Wednesday – Sunday 12am - late


Ad June 1984; Ad for Zippers July 1989

Zone at Phoenix Bar

(Exchange Hotel)

Norman Street, Darlinghurst


Thursdays 9pm to late


Listing December 1992


Albury Hotel

 (Piano Bar)

(Public Bar)

6 Oxford Street, Paddington

Leigh Jennings and Nanette Theakstone

Public bar, piano bar, live entertainment, Cajun restaurant.


From 28 July 1980

Bank Hotel

324 King Street, Newtown

Alastair Wallace, manager

Mon Sun 10am - late


Listing May 1993

Beauchamp Hotel

267 Oxford Street, Darlinghurst


Mon – Sun. Wed – Sat 12pm – 1am


Opens eve of Sleaze 2 Oct 1993

Beresford Hotel

354 Bourke Street, Darlinghurst




Listed again January 1991

Britannia Hotel

103 Cleveland Street, Chippendale




Listing October 1993

Burdekin Hotel

Corner Oxford and Liverpool Street, Darlinghurst




Listing November 1993

Exchange Hotel

34 Oxford Street, Darlinghurst

Dawn O’Donnell, one of the partners; Elizabeth Court licensee 1984; Still licensee 1992

Tuesday – Sunday


From March 1981.

Flinders Hotel

63 Flinders Street, Surry Hills

Allan Mauricesee, Licensee

Public bar, courtyard with pool table, live entertainment, Wed pool competition.


From August 1980. Changes hands December 1987

Green Park Hotel

360 Victoria Street, Darlinghurst


10am – 12 am, seven days


February 1993

Imperial Hotel


35 Erskineville Road Erskineville


Public bar, live entertainment, cabaret room. Tuesday - Sunday


Opens 18 July 1986.

Berlin 11 Aug 91.

Leichhardt Hotel

126 Balmain Road, Leichhardt


Under new management


Listing October 1992

Newtown Hotel  


174 King St, Newtown

August 1982 Dawn and Roger Claude deny ‘moving to Newtown’.

Two bars, video DJ, varied entertainment; Tuesday – Sunday


First ad October 1982. Jacks Bar September 1989

Oxford Hotel

134 Oxford St, Darlinghurst

Peter Whittle, Licensee

Public bar with DJs, Restaurant upstairs;


Opens July 1982.

Bottoms Up Bar

(Rex Hotel Kings Cross)

58 Macleay Street, Kings Cross


Public Bar, Bistro and Music; Tuesday - Sunday


May 1985. Reappears.

Wickham Park Hotel

61 Maitland Road, Islington

Family connections with Mimmi’s



Opens 11 December 1992

Male Saunas/Sex on Premises

Bodyline Sauna

58a Flinders Street, Darlinghurst


Craig Weedon part owner, general manager



Article December 1991

Den Club, The

97 Oxford Street


“Men’s Club”


Listed November 1987. New Entrance August 1989. Re-furb Aug 1992.

Kings Steam

First Floor, 38-42 Oxford Street, Darlinghurst


Brand new premises, bigger with better facilities


Re-opens in new location 25 February 1989; New name ?1991.


83 – 85 Anzac Parade, Kensington

Nick Lorschy (prior1987)

Stuart Dick and Shireen Smith representatives of KKK Nov 1992



From 1972. Katacombs May 1982

The Signal

(downstairs  in the Imperial)

35 Erskineville Road, Erskineville




Opens 17 October 1992

Bookshops, Galleries

The Bookshop Darlinghurst

207 Oxford Street, Darlinghurst

Les McDonald;



March 1985; Les crops up in Dec 1990;

The Feminist Bookshop

315 Balmain Road, Lilyfield




Listed March 1990

Updated: 27 September 2016 by John Witte using listings and mentions in the Sydney Star Observer and Capital Q.