A chronology of lesbian and gay communities, movements, and venues in Sydney









1960 - 1966























































Australian society in the late 1960s was hostile to homosexuals or, at least, its institutions were. The Law treated gay men as criminals who could be locked away for 14 years for the “abominable crime of buggery”, and the police were active in trying to prosecute them.

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Coming Out Into a Hostile World

Francesca (Chesca) Curtis's television appearance on The Bailey File, a Melbourne-based current affairs programme on commercial television TV's Channel 9, in May or June 1970, speaking about the aims of the Australian Lesbian Movement was arguably Australia's first "coming out" in the media.

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Australia's First National Coming Out

Homosexual/transgender social groups began forming in the early 1960s in Sydney. They offered membership of a discreet “camp” organisation. Their dances provided the perfect stage for Sydney’s new amateur drag scene to flourish and a place for men and women to meet up and find Miss or Mr Right – at least for the night. In the Leichhardt area, there was no shortage of public halls for these groups.

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Leichhardt/Dykehardt Exhibition

Male homosexual acts are no longer criminal in NSW – the law was amended in 1984, and ‘gay’ men can live quite open lives, with a range of venues where they can socialize in ways similar to their heterosexual counterparts. Also, the two worlds now softly collide, with gays and straights mixing together quite easily in many places in Sydney’s inner suburbs.

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And The Beats Go On...

The following people participated in the first Mardi Gras and/or the related events . While every attempt has been made to ensure accuracy, the list could include errors and omissions. Some names are also likely to be the arrestees' aliases.

78ers Honour Roll


1987 Community groups

Group Address Date Listed
Acceptance Sydney 264 Pitt Street, Sydney then 15 Francis Street, East Sydney Listed December 1979; Move October 1987.
AIDS Council of NSW 68 Sophia Street, Surry Hills February 1985
Al-Anon Gay Support Group 33 Wellington Street, Chippendale Ad January 1987
Albion Street Centre 332 4000  March 1985
Albury Social Club c/- Albury Hotel Forms January 1987
Amazons Lesbian Touch Football Team    698 5749 Listed August 1987
Angays PO Box 98, Enmore. Suite 3, 224a King Street Newtown Mentioned May 1980
Ankali 150 Albion Street, Surry Hills May 1985
Armidale Gay Society (TAGS) PO Box 581, Armidale  Listed 11 May 1983
Blaze PO Box M231, Strawberry Hill  Listed July 1987
Bobby Goldsmith Foundation PO Box 97, Darlinghurst Mention July 1984;
Bobcats Lesbian Touch Football Team PO Box 667, North Sydney Listed July 1986
Body Positive Paddington Green Hotel Mention 1986
Boomerangs Social Club/Group Box 429, Darlinghurst Listed March 1979
Castaways Social Group Box 857, Parramatta June 1985
Clover Businesswomen’s Club 122 Victoria Road, Drummoyne Listed August 1980
Coastal Connections PO Box 259, Toukley Newly formed November 1984
Community Support Network PO Box 97, Darlinghurst  Formed at meeting June 1984 
Country Network PO Box 448, Kingston ACT Listed October 1980
Cronulla Gay Group PO Box 195, Cronulla  Listed 1979
Day Centre Foundation PO Box 703, Darlinghurst Mention November 1987 
The Dolphin Motor Club PO Box N13, Petersham North; Listed June 1979
The Family PO Box 479, Leichhardt Ad for Fancy Dress Ball September 1985 
Fitness Exchange 33 Wellington Street, Chippendale New location October 1981
Four Seasons Social Group PO Box 1654, Coffs Harbour Listing November 1985;
Freelance Bowling League c/- 13/35 Roslyn Street, Kings Cross Listed April 1983
GAMMA  319 2799 Ad May 1984; 
Gay and Lesbian Anti-Violence Project 699 6302  Established 4 September 1986 
Gay and Lesbian Phone Counselling Service (Acceptance) Pilgrim House, 262 Pitt Street, Sydney  Listing July 1986 
Gay and Lesbian Counselling Service 33 Wellington Street, Chippendale  Name change ?1986 
Gay and Lesbian Association (GALA)  Union Box 63, UNSW Listing July 1986 
Gay Consultation of the ADB c/- ADB  Listing July 1986 
Gay Crisis Network 699 6302  Listing December 1985 
Gay and Lesbian Immigration Task Force  GPO Box 416, Sydney  May 1985; renamed July 1987
Gay Liberation Quire Box 380, Broadway  Mentioned 27 June 1981. Last performance 14 November 1987
Gayline 02319 2799 Ad January 1987 
 Gay Mardi Gras Association 1986 - 1987 PO Box 1064, Darlinghurst  Listing July 1986 
Gay Radio Information News Service (GRINS)  PO Box 380, Broadway  Listed July 1984  
Gay Waves Radio 2SER FM  Mentioned March 1980
Gay What’s On 699 6320 Listed July 1986 
Gay West Social Group  799 5140  Listed November 1987 
Gays Against Racism PO Box C232 Clarence Street, Sydney Listing January 1985
Gemini Social Club (Canterbury group) PO Box 328, Alexandria Mention February 1986
Icebreakers 33 Wellington Street, Chippendale  Listed 16 May 1983 
Inside Out PO Box 380 Broadway  Listed 13 October 1983 
Knights of the Chameleons Phone number   
Koornkoo Walkers PO Box 369 Clarence Street, Sydney Listed January 1985
Lesbian and Gay Caucus ACOA 5th Fl 245 Castlereagh Street, Sydney Listed July 1986
Lesbian and Gay Men’s Anti-Violence Group 33 Wellington Street, Chippendale  Listed 3 June 1987 
Lesbian Line   323 Darling Street, Balmain Listed January 1985 
Lesbian Space Collective PO Box 247, Rozelle Listing November 1987 
Lesbians Everywhere Support Group PO Box 667, North Sydney  Listing November 1985 
Lightning 2000 PO Box 504, Turramurra Listed as new social group May 1987
Metropolitan Community Church of the Southern Cross St Lukes, Regent & Margaret, Redfern Mention May 1986
Mitchell Area Gay Society Box 762, Bathurst July 1986
New Tradition Dancers Burton and Palmer Streets, Darlinghurst Listed January 1985
Northshore Voluntarians PO Box 483, Chatswood Ad May 1984
OWLS PO Box K396, Haymarket Listing November 1985
Parents and Friends of Gays 119 Devonshire Street, Surry Hills Group revival call August 1985, active January 1985. Not active July 1986. Listed 1987 
Partner Support Group Albion Street Centre Listing November 1987
Phoenix ten pin bowling Rockdale Bowl Listing October 1987
Police Gay Liaison Unit/Group   Meeting to discuss set up 14 October 1984
Polynesians Social Club GPO Box 2935 Listed August 1980
Rape Crisis PO Box 188, Drummoyne  Listed July 1986
The Rock Hudson Show 2RSR-FM Named December 1986 
Roo Bike Club, Meets Newtown Hotel from 15 July 1983 Listed July 1980 
Scamps 12 Good Street, Granville + Sheridan Hotel, Guildford Weds Ad October 1986; New location 4 July 1987 
Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence PO Box 110, Petersham Listed August 1982
South Pacific Motor Club 2 Lilyfield Rd, Rozelle; 33 Wellington Street, Chippendale; Septimus Street, Erskineville Listed June 1980; new venue listed July 1987; new venue November 1987 
Southern Cross Outdoors Group PO Box 411 Dee Why  Listed 14 April 1983
Sydney Front Runners   Mentioned May 1987
Sydney Gay Centre 33 Wellington St, Chippendale Mentioned October 1981
Sydney Gay Sports Association  33 Wellington St, Chippendale  Ad January 1985 
Sydney Gay Youth Group 33 Wellington St, Chippendale Mention first meeting 10 August 1985
Sydney Gay Mardi Gras Association Inc 1987 – 1988 PO Box 1064, Darlinghurst Listed July 1986
Sydney Network 818 5135 Listed November 1987 
Sydney Rams Leichhardt Olympic Bowl  Mentioned January 1984; moves to Rushcutters July 1987
Sydney Road Runners Motor Cycle Club PO Box 986, Darlinghurst February 1985. Male and female riders  
Sydney Spokes  664 1251  Mention September 1986 
Tiresias House,  Petersham Fourth Bday Oct 1987 
Triangle Basketball Club Glebe High School May 1985
Twenty-Ten Refuge PO Box 213, Glebe Forms March 1982
UNITY/Wollongong Box 1097, Wollongong Listed May 1981
Vintage Movie Group 8 Albert Avenue, Chatswood Listed June 1987
Waratah Deaf Association PO Box 1046, Penrith Ad September 1984
Wollongong Uni Gay Society c/- Union, Wollongong University Listed July 1987
Updated: 17 April 2016 by John Witte using listings and mentions in various 1986 gay newspapers and magazines. Please contact Pride History Group if your group was active in 1987, but does not appear here.


1987 venues


Venue name Address Owners Notes Clientele Date
Nightclubs, Bars, Discos
Charly’s   Cnr Union & Harris Street, Pyrmont       Ad January 1987
Grosvenor Club (Taxi Club) 40 Flinders Street, Darlinghurst   Licensed bar and bistro   Ad June 1984
Jools 121 Crown Street, East Sydney   Final night party: Halloween   Final night 31/10/1987
Klub Kakadu (Watusi Club 2nd Floor) 163 Oxford Street, Darlinghurst Tommy Brown Host     Ad August 1987
Les Girls 2c Roslyn St, Kings Cross Apsley Investments Formerly Carousel Cabaret   First listing September 1980;
Midnight Shift 85 Oxford St, Darlinghurst Licensee Bill Trott Owner Jim Winslett, Terry Patterson?role; Graham ?role Fire October 1980; Refurbished 30 September 1983; Re-opens as a hotel 25 February 1987 1981 “now wider clientele” First listing August 1980
Newtown Businessmen’s Club 16 Albermarle Street, Newtown   Entertainment in the Playhouse Dining Room   First ad 13 January 1984;
Ozone Rear Carrington Hotel, Bourke and Arthur Streets, Surry Hills       Listed November 19
Patchs 33 Oxford Street, Darlinghurst Dawn O’Donnell, Roger Claude Teyssedre and Abe Saffron “Sydney’s hottest gay disco”   From 1976. Under new management 7 December 1985
Piper’s Nitespot 800 Hunter Street, Newcastle   Weds – Sats 6pm – 3am   Previously listed in 1983. No mention in 1984. Ads 1985
Playground 504 Elizabeth Street, Surry Hills   “owned and operated by women”   Ad June 1986; New owner, new décor February 1987. May 1987 becomes RubyFruit Jungle
Rubyfruit Jungle 504 Elizabeth Street, Surry Hills   Revamped Playground   Listing July 1987
Scamps 1 1st Floor, 12 Good Street, Granville   Saturdays 8pm – 3am   Listed July 1987 – no listed August 1987
Scamps 2/Scamps Cnr Fairfield and McCredie Streets, Guildford   Wednesdays 7:30 – Midnight   Listed July 1987
Scooters Downstairs 124 Oxford Street, Darlinghurst John Buckland, Paul Roberts Managers Former site of Palms   Opens 2nd December 1987
Side-Step 86 Walker Street, North Sydney Robert and Gary (prev of Rose’s)     Opens 2nd April 1987
Tranzitionz, Club 238 Crown Street, Darlinghurst       Opens 5 November 1987
Zorba’s Disco 13 Goulburn Street, Sydney       Mention July 1987
Albury Hotel  6 Oxford Street, Paddington Leigh Jennings and Nanette Theakstone     From 28 July 1980
Annandale Hotel Nelson & Parramatta Road, Annandale       Advertised May 1987
Apollo Bar (Imperial Hotel) 252 Oxford Street, Paddington   Bar seven nights, restaurant entertainment. Mostly male crowd After 1979 
Belmore Park Hotel Mary & Reservoir St, Surry Hills Noel Licensee prior 25 July 1983; 25 July 1983 Leanne and Lesley; See all you gals there   Opens 7 May 1982; Women from 25 July 1983
Brittania Hotel 103 Cleveland Street, Chippendale       April 1985
Criterion Hotel 139 Maitland Road, Islington Under new management December 1985     Ads in 1985
Exchange Hotel 34 Oxford Street, Darlinghurst Dawn O’Donnell, one of the partners; Elizabeth Court licensee 1984;     From March 1981
Flinders Hotel 63 Flinders Street, Surry Hills Peter Brider. Hosts Peter and Mitch. Then Allan See Licensee, John Cowan     From August 1980. Changes hands December 1987
Imperial Hotel (Fandango’s Restaurant) Erskineville Rd/Union St, Erskinville       Opens 18 July 1986
Midnight Shift Tavern 85 Oxford St, Darlinghurst Licensee Bill Trott Owner Jim Winslett Downstairs opens as a bar, upstairs restaurant, cocktail bar and disco.   Re-opens as a hotel 25 February 1987
Newtown Hotel (Dot’s Diner) 174 King St, Newtown   August 1982 Dawn and Roger Claude deny ‘moving to Newtown’. Dot’s Diner re-opens October 1987   First ad October 1982
Oxford Hotel 134 Oxford St, Darlinghurst Peter Whittle, Licensee     Opens July 1982
Paddington Green Hotel (+Officers Club) 182 Oxford Street, Paddington  Terry Trinick New owners Ross Crich, Josie Cain Under new management March 1986       Opens 18 October 1984.
Paddington Green Hotel (Outpost 182) Upstairs, 182 Oxford Street, Paddington   Renamed Officers Bar at the Paddington Green Hotel    Listed July 1987
Rex Hotel Kings Cross (Bottoms Up Bar) Macleay Street, Kings Cross       May 1985. Reappears.
Town Hall Hotel Balmain  366 Darling Street, Balmain Brian Allen and David Viner proprietors 1981 Mixed; Womens Music nights;   First ad December 1981; First listing OWN April 1982
Unicorn Hotel (JJ’s Restaurant) 106 Oxford Street, Paddington. Timothy Berry Licensee, Mostly male crowd, bar and restaurant.   From October 1979; Shillitos May 1984;
Male Saunas/Sex on Premises
253 253 Oxford Street, Darlinghurst Neil Taylor. Rick Stone Mgr (1987)   “Hunky hot men.” From 1973
Den, The Arnolds Lane, Darlinghurst     “Men’s Club” Listed November 1987
King Steam 22 King Street, City       Listed again July 1986
KKK  83 – 85 Anzac Parade, Kensington Nick Lorschi (prior1987) Katacombs May 1982  

From 1972.  


Bookshops, Galleries      
The Bookshop Darlinghurst  207 Oxford Street, Darlinghurst       March 1985
The Bookshop Newtown 186 King Street, Newtown       June 1986
Updated: 17 April 2016 by John Witte using listings and mentions in various 1986 gay newspapers and magazines. Please report errors plus references to the Pride History Group.    


1987 Community events 


If not in Sydney


January 1987


Barry Lowe resigns as editor of Campaign.

January 1987


The Albury Hotel launches its social club.

January 1987


A dispute erupts between the AIDS Council of NSW (ACON)  and the executive of the Community Support Network (CSN) over the employment of an ACON employee rostering CSN members.

22 January 1987


The City of Sydney Medical Officer Dr R I Hamilton with the Director of the City Health and Community Services Bill Fitzgerald submit a report to the City Council’s Health and Environment Committee on AIDS. It is criticised by ACON President Greg Tillett as “an extraordinary mixture of unprofessional prejudice and misunderstanding of the nature of AIDS”.

February 1987


Clinical trials of the drug AZT begin in Sydney and Melbourne.

4 February 1987


The Daily Telegraph’s editor John Hartigan agrees to gay activist Ken Lovett’s representation that HIV was not exclusively gay and instructs staff not to use the term “gay plague” in future articles on AIDS.

5 February 1987


The Sydney Gay Mardi Gras (SGMG) Festival is launched at the Hogarth Galleries, Walker Street, Paddington.

5 February 1987


On Parliament Hill,  a play originally premiered by the UK Gay Sweatshop in 1983, is staged by Company B at the Belvoir Street Theatre.

6 – 28 February 1987


A SGMG art exhibition is held at the Hogarth Galleries in Paddington.

8 February 1987


The Gay Business Association (GBA) Fair is held at Green Park.

11 February 1987


Rod McRae’s exhibition of drawings The Showbags as Gay Icons opens at the Albury Hotel’s piano bar.

13 – 22 February 1987


The 1987 Australian Film Institute and Sydney Gay Mardi Gras (SGMG) Gay Film Festival is held at the Chauvel Cinema, Paddington.

16 February 1987


Peter McCarthy is granted life membership of Community Support Network.

18 February 1987


The Lesbian and Gay  Anti-Violence Project is re-launched.

20 February 1987


As Is, a play by William M Hoffman, premieres at the Seymour Centre.

20 February 1987


Murray McLachlan, President of SGMG defends the Association’s decision to drop “Sydney Gay” from the 1987 Gay Mardi Gras T shirt design.

21 February 1987


Sydney Rams hosts the annual Sydney Gay Mardi Gras Tenpin Bowling Tournament.

21 February 1987


The annual Mardi Gras parade is viewed by 100,000 people as it commences in Art Gallery Road, moves along College, Oxford and Flinders Streets to the RAS Showgrounds. Firework displays are held at the commencement and the end of the parade. 8,000 later attend the party at the Hordern Pavilion and the party is broadcast live on 2RSR-FM radio.

22 February 1987

New York

Artist Andy Warhol dies days after gall bladder surgery.

March 1987


The rural newspaper The Land refuses to accept an advertisement for Country Network, a gay support group saying that it was “not in keeping with The Land General Conditions”.

March 1987


Sidestep, a new gay bar opens in the old North Sydney fire station at 86 Walker Street.

2 March 1987


John Lewis, the man who drafted the Peterson Bill in 1981 dies.

9 March 1987


The demon of homophobia is exorcised from Darlinghurst Police Station by the Sisters of the Order of Perpetual Indulgence before it is closed and incorporated into St Vincents Hospital.

11 March 1987


Greg Tillett resigns as president of ACON. He is replaced by Don Baxter.

25 March 1987


ACON extends its AIDS education policies and programmes into the general community.

26 March 1987


The State Government dismisses the Sydney City Council.

April 1987


A competition to improve Taylor Square after the Eastern Distributor is built, attracts over 100 entries.

April 1987


Chris Reilly is appointed the executive officer of the Gay and Lesbian Counselling Service (GLCS).

April 1987


ACON appoints Simon Donohue as Information and Resources Officer and Terry Batterham as Welfare and Accommodation Officer.

April 1987


The NSW Minister for Health, Peter Anderson establishes the new Ministerial Advisory Committee to advise him on AIDS and related matters.

April 1987


Contrary to previous advice from a tax expert, the SGMG is now advised by the Australian Taxation Office that it is liable for tax on income earned from 1981.

April 1987


BGF President John Galletly announces a sub-committee to manage fundraising.

6 April 1987


ACON sets up a telephone information service for the National AIDS Education Campaign which is run through Lifeline, Ethnicline, Youthline and the Albion Street AIDS Hotline. It receives a large number of inquiries after the screening of Grim Reaper commercials.

17 April 1987


Sydney SLATS and Event Development present A Boys Night Out at the Paddington Town Hall.

19 April 1987


Superatural, a RAT party is held at the Paddington Town Hall.

25 April 1987


An AIDS benefit night is held at the Criterion Hotel Maitland Road, Islington.

26 April 1987


The Albury Hotel Social Club’s inaugural Ten Pin Bowling tournament is won by the Outpost team from the Paddington Green Hotel.

28 April 1987


The 1987 CAPS Awards for Sydney’s gay entertainment achievements, are held at the Imperial Hotel.

May 1987


The Lesbian and Gay Men’s Anti-Violence Group begins meeting monthly at the Gay Centre.

May 1987


The Therapeutic Division of the federal Department of Health recommends that AZT (aka zioduvidine) not be made generally available because it has not had a sufficiently long trial.

May 1987


Ralph McAlister, the new SGMG Executive Director announces he will find a new workshop space and move the administrative centre for Mardi Gras to the first floor of the Green Park Diner.

May 1987


The Playground nightclub is renovated and opens as Rubyfruit Jungle.

2 May 1987


TSR Productions present a BGF fundraiser Black Party Four at the Banquet Hall, RAS Showgrounds.

5 May 1987


Charges against Fabian Lo Schiavo and Edwin Peter Collard for offensive behaviour during the 1986 papal visit are proven but dismissed by Castlereagh Street Local Magistrates Court. (See 26 November 1986)

7 May 1987


The NSW Law Society rebukes Magistrate Brian Cook who had told Steven Glen Attwood 20, of Bondi ‘who allegedly had AIDS’, that solicitors would “be unlikely to come near you”.

14 May 1987


ACON President Don Baxter and Executive Director Bill Whittaker meet with Dr Neal Blewett, the federal Minister for Health, marking a milestone in the development of relationships between AIDS organisations and the Commonwealth.

21 May 1987


ACON launches the Safety Pin – an easily recognisable safe sex symbol.

24 May 1987


The Alburybald Art Exhibition, the brainchild of the Albury Social Club is held at the Albury Hotel.

25 May 1987


Sydney links up with other cities around the world in a candlelight rally of “care, remembrance and concern” for people with AIDS.

26 May 1987


The newly elected 1987-88 Mardi Gras Committee consists of Anthony Babicci, Colin Fawcett, Graeme Gherashe, Kevin Golding, Heather Grey, Ron Handley, Paul Hayes, Chris Jarvis, Murray McLachlan, Bruce Pollack, David Ryan, Ron Smith, Peter Tully and David Wilkins.

26 May 1987


The Sydney Gay Mardi Gras Association defers all donations to gay groups until its tax position is clarified.

27 – 28 May 1987


The Trade Union Training Authority (TUTA) conducts a seminar AIDS: An Industrial Hazard at the Masonic Centre.

1 June 1987


The AIDS unit at Westmead Hospital is launched by the NSW Health Minister, Peter Anderson.

2 June 1987


Donations to CSN are now tax deductible.

7 June 1987


The Albury Social Club presents Not Quite the Royal Command Performance at the Paddington-Woollahra RSL.

18 June 1987


Rip Off III starring Simone and her new cast of six male dancers, opens at the Imperial Hotel.

18 June 1987


A women’s page A Woman’s Point of View by Jane Taylor and Veronica Meyer, begins in Sydney’s Village Voice newspaper.

21 June 1987


A marriage of two women, Lyn and Stirling is held at the Belmore Park Hotel.

23 June 1987


What was seen as a breakthrough in Sydney gay community development, the first gay community outreach dinner, is organised by ACON and is attended by venue owners, entertainers, “politicos” and gay media representatives.

26 June 1987

Washington DC

The US Supreme Court gives the US Olympics Committee the right to prevent a San Franciscan group from using the term “the Gay Olympics”.

27 June 1987


Clover, the social club for women celebrates its 15th anniversary at Keiron, Waverley.

29 June – 4 July 1987


80 delegates form 46 lesbian and gay organisations attend the 9th Annual Conference of the International Lesbian and Gay Association.

July 1987


Burroughs-Wellcome increases the production of AZT allowing around 600 people to take part in trials of the drug by the end of 1987.

July 1987


Zorba’s opens at 13 Goulburn Street, Sydney.

July 1987


The inaugural Newcastle AIDS Benefit Ball is held at the Newcastle University Sports Union Hall.

July 1987


Only Heaven Knows, a new music theatre piece about Sydney’s demi monde 1944 – 1957 by Alex Harding has its second workshop. It is later presented as part of Invisible Heritage – the Arts Council’s contribution to the Bicentennial.

4 July 1987


Wayne Gait-Smith joins Jac Vidgen and Billy Yip to stage the Recreational Arts Team (RAT) party, Eratcipation at the Banquet Hall, Sydney Showgrounds.

4 July 1987


Scamps, a gay group expands its activities to now include Saturday nights on the first floor of the old Zodiacs Building 12 Good Street, Granville.

4 July 1987


The Sydney Morning Herald reveals that doctors in NSW are testing patients for HIV if they are suspected of being gay, without the patient’s consent. President-elect of the Australian Medical Association (AMA), Dr Bruce Shepherd says his organisation will support doctors who take these tests.

4 July 1987


A fund-raising Condom and Western Night is held by the Artists in Direct Support.

11 July 1987

San Francisco

Dr Tom Waddell, the founder of the Gay Games dies of AIDS aged 49.

18 July 1987


John Galletly, founding president of the Bobby Goldsmith Foundation dies of AIDS related conditions aged 44.

23 July 1987


Urban Fairies and Other Stories is presented by the One Extra Dance Company at the Seymour Centre.

24 July 1987


30 overseas public health officials and ministers visit the resource centre of the AIDS Council of NSW to learn about the community’s response to AIDS.

25-26 July 1987


A Holistic AIDS Forum and Workshop, sponsored by Thymos House, is held at the Reg Murphy Hall, Potts Point.

29 July 1987


A protest is held over the comments of the Canadian High Commissioner, Ed Schryer which he made opposing the amendments to the Human Rights Act in Manitoba, guaranteeing protection to lesbians and gay men.

August 1987


A working group from the AIDS Council of NSW, Gay Rights Lobby, the Gay Solidarity Group and the Gay and Lesbian Counselling Service advises that it has prepared a submission calling for the completion of law reform started by Premier Wran’s 1984 Act and undoing the anomalies introduced by the 1985 Child Assault laws and the 1987 Statute Law (Miscellaneous Provisions) Amendment Act.

2  August 1987


Frontrunners, Sydney’s gay running club enters two teams in the 1987 City to Surf.

3 August 1987


A ‘gay premiere” of the musical Jerry’s Girls at the Footbridge Theatre, organised by the Knights of the Chameleons and Donnie Smith, raises over $4,000 for the Bobby Goldsmith Foundation.

4 August 1987


Ken Smith succeeds the late John Galletly as President of the Bobby Goldsmith Foundation.

8 August 1987


30 members and supporters of the Enola Gay Group take part in the 1987 Hiroshima Day March.

10 August 1987


The AIDS Council of NSW Committee is elected at its AGM. They are Don Baxter, David Buchanan, Steve Auburn, Steve McDonald, Rolph Petherbridge, Phillip Black, Sharon Brown, Bronwyn Ridgeway, Levinia Crooks, Lex Watson, Gray Sattler and Andrew Morgan.

18 August 1987


The Lesbian Space Collective, a group of women aiming to create a multi-purpose lesbian space, appeal for donations.

20 August 1987


The ParAIDS fashion event is held at the Jamieson Street Nightclub. Jenny Kee, Linda Jackson, Peter Tully, Clarence Chai and Harry Thurston participate

27 August 1987


Klub Kakadu a new lesbian and gay venue opens at 163 Oxford Street, the site of the old Caps nightclub.

September 1987


A new literary magazine, Cargo with separate editions for men and women, is published by the new Blackwattle Press.

1 September 1987


The NSW Minister for Health, Peter Anderson pledges $500,000 to extend the availability for AZT.

5 September 1987


5,900 people attend the annual Sleaze Gall at the Royal Hall of Industries. The advertising poster features the Mona Lisa. Peter Tully is the party co-ordinator. Robert Lake is the  lighting and sound designer.

9 September 1987


David Buchannan, Vice President of the AIDS Council of NSW speaks on “Discrimination and Homosexuality” at the NSW Anti-Discrimination Board’s colloquium Making Rights Work, celebrating the 10th anniversary of the NSW Anti-Discrimination Act.

15 September 1987


A meeting to consider setting up a day care centre for people with AIDS or AIDS Related Conditions, is held at the ACON Resource Centre, 68 Sophia Street, Surry Hills.

16 September 1987


The NSW Ombudsman, George Masterman QC, strongly criticises the Police Department for its failure to act on the recommendations he made following his investigation into the police raid on Club 80 at 19 Oxford Street Paddington on the 29 January 1983.

19 September 1987


The 25th annual ball of the Chameleons is held at Keiron reception centre. The 14th Empress of Sydney, Terry Patterson, Treasurer of the Bobby Goldsmith Foundation, is inaugurated.

19 September 1987


Recreational Arts Team (RAT) party for Carnivale ’87 “Ratfricarnivale” is held at Paddington Town Hall.

27 September 1987


Artists in Direct Support present an AIDS fund-raising dance Equinaids at Kakadu night club.

30 September 1987


The NSW Police Tribunal finds charges of misconduct against two policemen, after bashing victim Paul Mortimer pursued claims that he was assaulted, wrongfully arrested and falsely imprisoned by the pair on the 5 May 1985 at the Taxi Club and at the Darlinghurst Police Station.

October 1987


The Sydney Gay Mardi Gras Association moves to Workshop C (behind Ryrie House) 15-19 Boundary Street, Rushcutters Bay. It formally opens on 15 November.

October 1987


The three commissioners running the Sydney City Council close the Green Park Toilets. Moore Park Toilets are only opened when used by sporting groups.

3 October 1987


Clover Moore announces her candidacy for the State seat of Bligh.

6 October 1987


The 10th Annual Conference of Acceptance is held.

13 October 1987

Washington DC

4,000 gays and lesbians demonstrate against the discrimination, harassment and neglect by the US Government of people with AIDS by trespassing on the steps of the US Supreme Court. 572 people are arrested.

14 October 1987


Maggie Kirkpatrick is the special guest on the Dot and Fanny Show at the Newtown Hotel.

31 October 1987


A fundraiser for BGF is held at the former site of Jools, celebrating the end of Dawn O’Donnell’s long association with the Crown Street venue.

November 1987


Brian McGahen, gay activist, responds to a string of failures to get liquor licences for gay dance parties by writing to the State Treasurer, Ken Booth, to protest against the many restrictions Liquor Act places on large parties.

November 1987


Australian Democrats leader, Janine Haines reveals in the Australian Senate that after secret HIV testing and sexual tracing, one airman at the Darwin RAAF base has been dismissed and up to 12 others investigated by military police.

November 1987


Alan See is the new licensee of the Flinders Hotel which he manages the Hotel with his partner John Cowan.

5 November 1987


The restaurant Spagos at 238 Crown Street, Darlinghurst launches a gay Thursday night function called Transitionz.

7 November 1987


The ABC radio programme, Surface Tension broadcasts a show on the impact of AIDS on gay culture.

8 November 1987


Co-op Media, the publishers of the Sydney Star Observer announces plans to sell the paper to Sydney Gay Community Publishing.

8 November 1987


Polly-lympics are held at the Macquarie University Sport and Recreation Ovals.

13 November 1987


The Boomerangs social club hold a harbour cruise called “Black Titanic”.

13 November 1987


South Pacific Motor Club (SPMC) opens its new club rooms at 35 Septimus Street, Erskineville.

14 November 1987


The Sydney Gay Liberation Quire gives its final public performance at the Newtown Festival.

14 November 1987


The Boys Night Out Party is held. Designs are by Wayne Gait-Smith (formerly of the RAT team) who replaces departing designer, Reno Dahl.

20 November 1987


Sydney’s first day centre for people with AIDS or AIDS related conditions, opens and operates Fridays only.

24 November 1987


A rally to protest against the NSW Government’s decision to “phase in” funding for AZT, is held at Parliament House.

29 November 1987


Australian dramatist, Peter Kenna, best known for his play A Hard God,  dies after a long illness.

1 December 1987


A live variety concert held at the Paddington-Woollahra RSL Club for the newly formed AIDS Trust of Australia, raises $3,200.

2 December 1987


Scooters, a new bar located on the site of the old Palms bar opens.

3 December 1987


Gays Against Racism meets at the Gay Centre in Chippendale. It hopes to mount an effective response to the Bicentenary.

8 December 1987


Sonia MacMahon, one of the most memorable performers of the Caps downstairs bar, retires.

11 December 1987


The Australian Broadcasting Tribunal decides that material relating to gay bath houses during the John Pearce programme on 15 January 1987 is likely to incite and perpetuate hatred against homosexuals.

12 December 1987


CSN endorses a joint Liaison Committee of ACON and CSN staff. ACON’s Bill Whittaker becomes the Executive Director of CSN.

14 December 1987


Plan 8 (Cat Crich and Phil Colville) launch their first LP at the Midnight Shift.

15 December 1987


Sydney and Beyond, a new guide to gay Sydney by Larry Galbraith and Kimberley O’Sullivan, is launched on the Dot and Fanny Tonight Show at the Newtown Hotel.

17 December 1987


Yvonne Allen and Dr Harry Michelmore’s Living and Loving in the AIDS Free Zone is condemned by AIDS experts for its proposals that people who have tested negative for the HIV virus should form an ‘AIDS Free Zone’. They claim the authors fail to take into account the gap between infection and anti-body testing.

31 December 1987


Celebrat 88, a NYE RAT party is held at the Hordern Pavillion, RAS Showgrounds.

 Updated: 8 December 2015